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Your Front Door is Says A Lot More So Choose the Right One

March 9, 2022

A door is a door, right? Not so fast! A door is an entry to your home. It is the first thing people encounter when coming into your sanctuary. Your entryway gives people the first impression of the character of your home. So you want to make sure the front door goes beyond the simplicity of giving entrance to the home. You want it to be special and reflect your home's style.

So before investing in a new door, think about the design of your home and the door type that best fits that style. Here are three-door styles that go with their corresponding architecture.

The Townhouse Door

Townhouses are known for their historical features. Beautiful fireplaces and classical tiling come to mind when you think of this style. If your home's interior has any of these historical traits, the outside must do as well.

Fanlights above timber doors are common features on historic homes. Plus, they are stunning when paired with a handcrafted coloured door. To give the front of your house a feeling of grandeur and create a focal point for guests, choose a solid panelled door without glazing and fitted with a handmade or replica knocker and an octagonal doorknob.

The Cottage Door

A cottage brings to mind images of a modest, quaint home in the countryside, one with white picket fences and a smoky chimney. Of course, nowadays, these historic homes pr this design has been modified and made more modern.

A cottage's front door can come in varying styles. Some doors may be partially glazed to let light into the house. Other doors are solid wood with no glass at all. Some homeowners prefer vertical timber panelling, an architectural characteristic of the classic cottage door.

Your cottage will stand out from the others when you choose one fitted with old-world style hardware and original styled heritage colours. A subtle green contrasts beautifully with pale stone walls, while a deep blue brings your spring blossoms to life.

The Farmhouse Door

Farmhouses are full of memories, from family gatherings to beautiful celebrations. Original farmhouses are often passed down through generations. Although now, it can be an architectural style the builder incorporates into the home. At any rate, you want a cottage-styled home to have a historically inspired front door. Something like a vertical panelled door could do nicely. This door might have features like tiny squares of glass to help people see the guests who are coming into the house.

The Modern Door

Clean lines are the hallmark of modern design. The style finds its beauty by reducing an object to its basic elements and lines. Modern architecture is all about shape and function. The lines are frequently beautiful in and of themselves. Contemporary doors use extremely simple lines and forms to create visually intriguing looks. For instance, a door with just a few lines may be all that is needed to make a basic flush door stand out.

Discover possibilities by selecting a door with simple vertical lines or one that emphasizes horizontal lines. You may like a design that combines both to produce perfect angles or even diagonal lines for a more eclectic touch.

In The End

It's all about the style of your home and your budget. Of course, you must also consider size and customizations like hardware and other decorative items, affecting the cost.

Note: Keep in mind that the installation costs will be separate from the door price when determining your budget and the door style you want.

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