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4 Elements to Consider when Choosing a New Entry Door

December 17, 2021

Generally, doors are designed to provide safety and security to the people inside a property or room. They likewise enhance the protection and privacy of the said spaces.

Their day-to-day functions, however, may differ based on their location. For instance, internal doors are installed to effectively separate rooms and common spaces. Entry doors, alternatively, provide ample protection to occupants from intruders and unauthorised people. They can likewise prevent the entry of weather elements, noise, dust, and dirt to the property. 

If you are looking for the best entry door for your property, then here are some elements that you should consider thoroughly.


One of the elements you should consider when choosing a new entry door is its material. Entry doors can be made from different materials. Some of these materials include steel, wood, and fibreglass. You may want to opt for a steel entry door if you want to boost your home’s weather resistance and security. A wood entry door, alternatively, can work well with your home if you want to have a property with a high-end appeal. Ultimately, a door made from fibreglass can be a great option for your home if you want a door that has resistance to wear and tear. It is also appealing thanks to its wide variety of textures.


Another element that you should consider when choosing a new entry door is its insulation. Opting for either steel or fibreglass can offer you great insulation thanks to their solid composition. But whatever the material is, a door can offer excellent insulation if it has a high-quality doorframe construction. It can also boast great insulation once the weatherstripping is sealed appropriately. A door can likewise offer excellent insulation if it is made and constructed out of several quality materials. By installing a door with great insulation, you can easily expect a significant decrease in your energy consumption.


Aside from material and insulation, one element that you must also consider when choosing a new entry door is its security. Steel, wood, fibreglass, and even other materials guarantee doors that will be secure thanks to their overall durability. However, if your entry door will feature some glass parts, you must make sure that the glass will be resistant to force. Another thing that will make your entry door secure and safe from potential intruders is to install quality lock systems. Ensuring the security of your entry door can protect you and others from harm and asset loss.

Hang Design

One more element to consider carefully when choosing a new entry door is its hang design. Normally, an entry door maximises a three-hinge system so it can hang its whole frame. While this system has already proven its effectiveness in making the swinging action of the door as smooth as possible, you now have the option to utilise other hang designs. Today, you can opt for a door that maximises hidden or concealed hinges, which can somehow improve the door appeal. You can likewise opt for an entry door with a vertical pivot, which allows you to open the door more widely and let in more light.

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