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Eye-catching Leadlight Doors: Reasons Why You Need to Install One

December 13, 2019

Eye-catching leadlight doors are created from glass cast in a variety of shapes. They typically contain glass that is clear or frosted rather than coloured. The designs on these doors are decorative but do not depict objects or scenarios as with stained-glass ones. These doors are simple but elegant in front doors. In addition, these doors can boost the appearance of your house without costly and extensive renovations. You can use the available, affordable options to increase the visual appeal of a home, since they come in a broad range of designs and colours. Moreover, they are customisable, meaning that you can change their original shapes and sizes to make them unique. Below are the reasons why you need to install one.


Most manufacturers use an easy-to-customise glass when making eye-catching leadlight doors. You can change the lens to transparent, translucent or frosted depending on how much light you want to shine through the door. If you like the attention associated with bright colours, you can customise your door to have dazzling and eye-catching colours. If you will need to change the appearance of the door more often, purchase the best quality. The price might be higher, but the value is worth it.


Eye-catching leadlight doors are inherently stunning and beautiful. If you use them as the front door, they will add to the interior beauty of your house. They will also provide an appealing way to welcome your visitors, considering that an entryway is one of the things that visitors first notice. If your home is usually dark in the inner parts, the doors will increase brightness since the eye-catching leadlight doors provide exciting light patterns.

Privacy and Security

An underrated benefit of eye-catching leadlight doors is the privacy that they offer to the homeowner. Firstly, the coloured glass makes it almost impossible for the passersby to see through in the house. Secondly, when you choose the decorated glass, you will substantially reduce the transparency of the glass. The privacy benefits are particularly beneficial to people who stay near busy streets.

Eye-catching leadlight doors come with sturdy double frames. The glass that makes the doors is also durable. If you look for a professional to install the doors for you, it will stay for an extended period without breaking. Besides, the stained colour of the door prevents attempted burglaries since the outsiders cannot see through.

Property Value

Stained glass doors have been around since the 19th century, although they later lost appeal in favour of stained windows, which were cheaper to manufacture. The historical value of the doors, however, remains. Although installing the doors might not improve the financial cost of the property, keeping a historic feature attracts buyers who consider this niche a priority.

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