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Door Staining and Painting Services from ShandField Doors

December 2, 2022

Although it only takes up a little bit of land, it may significantly affect how your property looks from the street. Additionally, there is a plethora of choices. Should it be a bright splash of colour, or should it be more muted and traditional? Should it be a monochromatic compliment to the colour of your body, or should it stand out in a subtle way that gives it its individuality and charm? But before you do anything else, you have to ask yourself the most important question: should you stain or paint your front door?

Let's take a more in-depth look at the benefits of door staining/painting from ShandField Doors!

Front Door Painting

Painting a front door may be performed at a fraction of the expense of staining it, all while providing good surface protection and value to the home. To put it another way, the painting will often last ten times longer than refinishing wood and cost 90-98 per cent less. Most homeowners don't know what they're getting themselves into when they opt to have a completed front door installed.

Painting your front door is a pretty simple and quick project. Cleaning the door, taping off or removing the hardware, painting your first coat, allowing it to dry, and then painting a second coat are all steps. This might take as little as two hours from start to finish.

Front Door Staining

If, on the other hand, money is not an issue, a front door made of natural materials offers an unrivalled level of warmth, charm, and personality. To put it simply, that's the crux of the matter. This is especially true if you pick a painting business with a lot of expertise and is run by professionals to handle your project. We won't sugarcoat it or try to be humble about it: the refinished doors we provide at ShandField Doors are truly lovely.

Staining is a little more difficult and time-consuming. This entails sanding the existing finish, adding up to two coats of stain, sanding again, and then applying two to three coats of varnish, sanding between each layer. It will take at least 5-6 hours from start to completion.

What to Choose for Your Front Door

The appearance of the front entrance of your house may have a considerable influence on the aesthetic attractiveness of the entire property. You may be debating whether to paint or stain this entranceway to your website while you're giving it a makeover or a new finish. You won't only want to focus on the aesthetics of the thing; there are a lot of other factors to think about as well.

Your front door can be finished in various ways, including painting or staining, depending on which option appeals to you most. Painting your front door rather than staining it is the better option if you are concerned about the expense, the level of complexity, and the amount of upkeep required. Staining your front door will give it the illusion of having a completed wood surface if that is what you want. When selecting your choice, you should consider the following factors: the cost, the complexity of the project, the amount of time required, the level of long-term maintenance required, and the present finish and condition of your front door.

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