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Features to Look for When Making a Choice for your Front Door

December 12, 2018

A home’s front door is the primary means of ingress and egress, and has for centuries been the focal point of ornamentation and even superstition. It is not at all uncommon to find that the front door of any house is often the most ostentatious or the most intricate of all doorways, and for a good reason – the front door is often what gives a first (and often lasting) impression for anyone who first chances upon a home.

With the current advantages of mass-production, it is now more possible than ever before to invest in cheap but durable customised doorways, and even easier to purchase elegant mass-produced ones. Because of this, it becomes more difficult to decide what type of doorway to pick when you are renovating or designing your dream home.

If you are stuck in a creative rut, and are looking for ideas on what makes for a great entryway, then consider the following tips to help you decide on the most suitable front door options for your home:

Size of the house – is your house a single-storey building, or does it feature more than one floor? Single-storey houses typically benefit from sturdy, single-paneled doorways, whereas houses that feature more than one story will look all the more regal with a two-paneled entryway.

Pre-existing aesthetics – some houses, especially those that are prefabricated, often have a preexisting aesthetic that you can work with. Most prefab buildings nowadays feature a toned-down version of Mediterranean aesthetics, but villa-style houses redolent of Italian architecture are also common. These two distinctive styles are versatile enough to welcome classic doorway styles, but adaptive enough to benefit from more modern aesthetics.

Location also plays a great part in the choice of doorway, and it is a good idea to find inspiration from aesthetics and cultures you find interesting.

Security prerequisites – a doorway’s primary function is to keep unwanted people and things out, and one of the primary factors that should influence your choice in a doorway is security. It is never advisable to skimp on security in favour of aesthetics. If these two cannot go hand-in-hand, always prioritise security above all else.

Choose doorways that are made from strong material like thick hardwoods, and avoid plastic or vinyl doors for your entryway. Otherwise, you will increase the risk of easy break-ins.

If you are looking for an ideal front door for your home, then visit us here at Shandfield Doors, we specialise in customised doors.

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