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Why Plastic is not the Best Material Choice for Doors

October 26, 2018

Doors throughout history have been made from a wide assortment of materials, and have taken on a dizzying array of different styles and designs. Doors have always served two primary purposes; the first being to provide a measure of additional privacy to a home or place, and the second being to act as a safety barrier against possible intruders.

Because of these reasons, doors have always predominantly been made with durable materials, such as hardwoods or metal. Where long-wearing and sturdy materials were unavailable, they were bolstered with steel or iron banding. Where metal was plentiful, they were made of whatever local metal was available. In instances were “maximum security” was a must, some old doors were even made of stone.

Nowadays, the old practice of bolstered doorways or stone slabs to seal entryways have become an extinct feature, and for good reason. Many modern materials have now been made available that are as strong and sturdy as traditional ones, but which are less hefty and difficult to produce.

The times have changed to the point where stone or heavy metal doors are no longer needed to withstand the direct hit of a battering ram. Because of this, light-weight materials such as plastic have become a very popular option for doors. Cheap, light-weight, easy to mass-produce, and easy to install, it is often seen that plastic doors are becoming a popular replacement for the default wooden door. But is plastic the best material for doors?

Here are a few good reasons why plastic is not the best material for doors:

  • Lack of structural integrity – sure, some plastics can be specifically made for toughness, but the most common plastic doors that you find in local home depots will be no such thing. Plastic doors will typically be reinforced only at the frames, but the greater part of the door will be weak and can be easily damaged with minimal force.
  • Not reliable – because plastic doors can be easily damaged, this doesn’t make them the ideal choice as a front door if you want to keep a place safe, as door fixtures, such as doorknobs and hinges, can easily be compromised.

If you want to invest in a solid, dependable, and strong front door, to keep your home safe, then you can always count on tried and tested wooden front doors. At Shandfield Doors, we specialise in eye-catching, custom made wooden doors that are not only practical, but long-lasting too.

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