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Why Must You Consider Installing Energy-Efficient External Doors?

October 26, 2022

You probably aren't aware of how much a front door makes a statement about you. Even if the aesthetics of your front door are of enormous significance because it serves as the entrance to your home, you should place a higher premium on finding one that is also cost-effective and can help you save money.

If you look at the doors outside in your community, you'll find that many of them are made of beautiful wood. Even though they appear to be made of natural wood, there is a good chance that many of them are manufactured.

What's With External Doors, Anyway?

The external doors from Shandfield are designed doors that are built with big precision equipment and wood from sustainable forests, ensuring that the trees are replanted for future generations.

Individual pieces of hardwood timber are laminated together in various orientations, with veneer placed on the surface to add strength. The edging matches the colour of the door, resulting in a nice, clean finish with no visible knots. This lipping keeps moisture out, making it extremely robust and a significantly superior product.

Built To Withstand Any Condition

When you purchase an engineered door, you are purchasing a product that is better suited to changing weather conditions. Its construction ensures that it will not distort in the tough Australian climate. You don't have to be concerned about its appearance; it still looks like a genuine wood door but is significantly more durable. You may still have a solid wooden frame to match your external engineered door, ensuring that everyone visiting your house is welcomed by a lovely, natural-looking door.

Beyond Just Aesthetics

Not only does an engineered door have a sophisticated appearance, but it is also purposefully constructed to be more durable and provide improved thermal insulation. On the other hand, doors made of solid wood are susceptible to expansion and shrinking due to shifts in temperature or moisture. Because the wood grain in these doors only runs in one direction, the timber might easily crack.

Increased Indoor Insulation

Your house will be quieter due to the increased insulation features, so you won't need to be concerned about the late-night party that your neighbours have next door. The most significant advantage is their long service life; wood-engineered doors may remain in service for decades with little care and attention.

You may wave goodbye to excessive energy expenses if it is installed properly with a suitable frame and you have done so. Our doors have all been tested to meet the required fire standards, and installing a good lock will give you confidence that your belongings will be safe.

Here at Shandfield, we have a wide selection of high-quality exterior doors that have been meticulously manufactured and are available for immediate purchase. We provide an installation service that is available at a low price, and we can install your door at a convenient time.

We are confident that our doors will live up to your expectations and as an added measure of comfort. We are one of the most significant suppliers of doors in the state, and we only utilise high-graded veneers and solid wood components in our products. Thanks to our long years of business expertise, we are the most trusted provider of doors in the area.

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