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What Can You Expect from Installing a 2-in-1 Door on Your Home Property?

November 22, 2021

Homeowners should always prioritise the privacy, safety, and security of their home properties so that their families will always be protected from potential risks and threats. One way to ensure that these factors can be attained is through installing quality doors on their home properties.

Nowadays, the options available for doors vary significantly. A lot of them can be classified according to their materials and operations. Some materials used for doors include timber, metal, and PVC. As for their operations, several doors can be opened by swinging them in a specific direction. Others, alternatively, can be accessed by sliding them towards the walls.

One unique take on doors that a lot of homeowners want to maximise is a 2-in-1 door. A 2-in-1 door is a custom-built door that has a hinged opening panel behind wrought iron or mesh panels. Once this type of door is installed on your home property, you can expect to gain the following advantages.

Enhanced Security

One of the advantages that you can obtain from a 2-in-1 door is that it can enhance the security of your home property. Even though the hinged opening panel of this door is closed and locked properly, you can still see anyone who will be knocking on your door through the wrought iron or mesh panels. You can even talk to them without opening the door entirely. This specific feature grants you the chance of verifying the people who are waiting outside before letting them enter.

Improved Control

Another advantage of installing a 2-in-1 door on your home property is that it allows you to control the entry of elements. Most doors allow outdoor elements from entering once they are opened widely. A 2-in-1 door, alternatively, does not allow them to enter. Through the door’s wrought iron or mesh panels, your home property will not be bombarded with insects and other wastes that are often brought in by wind and other factors. Having great control over the entry of these elements can keep your home clean.

Assured Comfort

With the installation of a 2-in-1 door on your property, your family can expect great comfort since this type of door can regulate the entry of fresh air and natural light. A high level of ventilation inside your property can be achieved as the 2-in-1 door allows fresh air to enter whenever you need it. Aside from ventilation, your home can also be filled with natural light once the hinged opening panel is opened. The entry of fresh air and natural light can grant you not only comfort but also savings in terms of energy use.

Customised Appeal

One more advantage of installing a 2-in-1 door on your home property is that it can be customised according to your liking. As previously stated, it has a hinged part that is attached to the door frame. Another part, alternatively, has an open panel that is comprised of wrought iron or mesh. These two sections can be customised by changing their designs and colours. Your 2-in-1 door can even be integrated with pet access.

To have a 2-in-1 door on your home property, you can contact us at Shandfield Doors.

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