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What Are 2-in-1 Doors?

July 31, 2017

Homeowners can choose from a wide variety of door styles for their front entrances today. Styles include single, French, leadlight, glass and 2-in-1 models. While any of these doors may suit the style of your home, you should explore deeper since one may provide additional benefits for your purposes. We will be explaining what the 2-in-1 model is all about in this information since it is highly versatile and offers you higher security, ventilation and insect protection than the other styles do for your home.

Definition of a 2-in-1 Door

At one time, this style of door was highly functional, but not aesthetically pleasing. Today, the 2-in-1 style of doors comes with two parts, one being a hinged opening panel and the other part is a combination mesh/wrought iron for the panel. The latter is on the outside while the hinged opening panel is on the interior of your home. You can open the interior panel and keep the outer one closed and locked for security purposes. Other benefits to this door are that it can keep the insects out and the fact that you can allow air to flow into the house.

How to Decide whether a 2-in-Door Is Ideal for Your Home

Before you order this style of door, consider how you wish to use your front door. If you are highly privacy oriented, installing this style of door may not suit your needs. Also, when you keep the house closed up tight regardless of the weather, you may wish another style of door. Choose this door when you desire to open the door to enjoy the daily breezes without being invaded by insects or sacrificing your security.

Only Purchase 2-in-1 Doors from a Reputable, Quality Company

To receive a durable, well-crafted 2-in-1 door, you need to seek out a reputable company that has years of experience in the business. Its doors should contain quality materials to ensure that they are attractive, highly functional and will endure throughout the years. Also, the company needs to be able to customise your door, according to your specifications and desires.

In your search for the right supplier of quality 2-in-1 doors, be certain to consult with Shandfield Doors. From our facility in Bayswater North, we design, construct and also install a variety of doors, including front doors, interior doors, leadlight doors and 2-in-1 doors. Our company works with you in a professional, courteous fashion to ensure that you receive the best possible door for your house. In addition, we do all of this at affordable prices that will be within your allotted budget.

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