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Variables to Consider When Choosing a Door Style

October 12, 2022

You have many alternatives to choose from if you are looking for contemporary doors for your house or building. The days are long gone when the sole door style included in a normal home was one of only a few possible options for doors. These days, a contemporary home can have any number of various door kinds or styles based on the requirements of the people who live there.

At Shandfield Doors, we are delighted to provide a comprehensive selection of bespoke doors, including entry doors, patio doors, bi-fold doors, and a wide variety of additional alternatives to meet the requirements of our customers. Are you unclear about which door type should precede a particular renovation project or new home construction?

Our experts will assist you in assessing all available choices and selecting the most appropriate one for your needs and spending constraints. In this section, we will discuss the many types and styles that are accessible, in addition to some distinguishing variables to consider within each category. Keep reading!

Alternatives for Front Doors

Entry doors are among the most often used doors in a house, so selecting the right one for your home is crucial. When it comes to the material, they are available in a variety of forms.

Wood is the material of choice for people who seek an elegant and timelessly sophisticated appearance. On the other hand, compared to other varieties, it is a little bit more expensive and requires some care, such as painting and staining yearly.

Steel is still another less costly material than wood; nevertheless, its lifespan is often shorter than that of wood or fibreglass.

Fibreglass doors, on the other hand, are the type of entrance door that requires the least amount of care overall. These doors also come in various finishes and may even be made to seem like wood if you like. They are also quite efficient in energy usage and are lightweight and long-lasting.

Beyond the choice of material, the entry door style can be either traditional or modern, or it can be a blend of the two. Please enquire with our staff about the various modern motifs that may be used to enhance traditional aesthetics.

Sliding Patio Door Considerations

Sliding patio doors are ideal for locations where you want to install a door but don't want it to take up a lot more space than it already does. They move over a compact series of tracks that may be stacked atop one another, enabling the available space to be utilised. Patio and other outdoor/indoor settings are frequent places to find them, as its name implies.

Now, sliding doors typically have a maximum opening distance to which they can open. They also have the potential to make more noise and cause more bother during the opening process than many other sorts, and those who are weaker may have difficulty dealing with their weight. These are things to bear in mind; certain aspects of them may be altered, such as by applying lubricant to the door to reduce the noise it makes.

Talk to the team at Shandfield Doors immediately if you want more information on the many types of doors you may pick or if you want more information on any of our doors, windows, or other services.

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