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Unusual Front Door Colours That Might Actually Look Great

February 27, 2019

While many homeowners choose to use the traditional colours, such as brown, grey or white for their front doors, others select unusual colours to enhance these doors. The latter group understands that when they think outside the box that they can make a bold, unusual statement with their entry doors. If you are afraid to make this unique choice for your front entry door without some guidance, we are here to provide you some examples of unusual front door colours that actually look great.

1. Yellow or Golden Shades

Yellow or golden shades, such as yellow ochre, are not the first colours that come to mind for front doors for most homeowners. The truth is that they can be quite attractive at the entryway when the house’s exterior is a shade of brown or other complementary colour.

2. Light Blue

Pale or light blue is another unusual shade for a front door but can be very welcoming. When blue is in the pale range, it can go with a wide range of exterior house colours from dark grey to deep brown.

3. Red

A shade of red can range for crimson to burgundy and any red is welcoming to all who approach the house since it is either an exciting colour or a rich one, depending upon the shade.

4. Deep Purple

Another unusual front door colour that goes well with grey or white houses is deep purple. You can even put this shade of front door on a house that is pale yellow, lavender, cream or pale pink.

5. Orange

Orange can range from a pale to vivid shade and believe it or not it can be an attractive colour for a front door. It can complement certain shades of brick or siding on the exterior of a house.

6. Shades of Green

Whether you prefer lime green, forest green, grass green or another shade of green, you can select one of the shades for your front entry door. Since green is such a colour of nature, it will complement most earth tones of house exteriors.

7. Black

A black front door on a white or other light colour of house makes a bold statement. This colour will draw all who approach your house right to it without an issue. We would not recommend it for a dark shade of house exterior, though, because the front door will not stand out in the same way.

For additional unusual front door colours that might actually look great, turn to Shandfield Doors. We specialise in designing, constructing and installing all types of residential doors. Our company guarantees your satisfaction.

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