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Types of Wood for Front Doors

September 27, 2018

There are some import things to consider when choosing a front door for a new build, or a replacement door for your current home. Of all the doors in a house, the front door needs special attention because of its importance as the main door of your home.

Your front door should be appealing to the eye, match and blend in with your home’s design, be strong enough to prevent forced entry, weather resistant, and long-lasting. That being said, the most popular and effective type of material to use for front doors is hard wood.

After choosing the style of front door that will best meet your home’s aesthetic design, such as a classic, modern, or contemporary style, the type of wood to use for your front door should be your next decision.

Types of Wood for Your New Front Door

The type of wood used for front doors is important because it will be exposed to factors such as foul weather, heat, cold, and direct sunlight. Low grade woods can warp, crack, and splinter because of exposure to the elements and changes in temperature. That is why only quality hard woods should be used for making residential front doors.

Here are some of the best types of wood to use for making front doors:

Mahogany – this is an ideal wood for use as a front door, as it is a very hard wood, and resistant to rot, which makes it perfect for use in humid or wet climates. It is also naturally appealing and stains beautifully, making it a great choice for a custom front door.

Oak – Tasmanian oak (Victorian ash) is a preferred hardwood for front doors, as it not only produces an excellent finish, but it is also a very strong and dense wood too. It is light in colour, and varies from straw to reddish brown. Because of it is naturally waterproof, oak has always been the ideal wood for shipbuilding, and when used as a front door material, it will never warp when exposed to wet and humid climates.

Jarrah – this is a popular Australian wood to use for making stylish front doors. It is easy to tool when freshly cut, however, over time, it becomes harder and stronger, making it another wood type perfect for constructing long-lasting front doors.

Other than these, quality wood such as cherry, maple, and walnut make great front doors. You can learn more about these at Shandfield Doors – door experts specialising in designing, building, and installing all types of doors for over 25 years.

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