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Two Times the Charm: Why Double-Door Replacement is Worth Considering

March 14, 2024 Double-Door Replacement

Upgrade your Melbourne home with a double-door replacement by Shandfield Doors for enhanced aesthetics, functionality, and energy efficiency. Call us now!

Does your home still sport outdated, worn or energy-inefficient exterior doors? As a focal point bearing the brunt of weather and wear, doors require replacement more often than other building features. If a door upgrade is on your horizon, consider going double! Installing two doors side-by-side delivers aesthetics, functionality and efficiency that traditional one-door setups can’t match. Read on to explore the perks and options for double-door replacements.

Advantages of Double-Door Replacement

Upgrading your home with a double-door replacement offers numerous advantages beyond just aesthetic appeal. Let's explore why this investment is worth considering:

• Increased Access and Traffic Flow – Dual doors allow more people to pass through, reducing wait times and congestion easily. This facilitates movement and mingling, ideal for indoor/outdoor entertaining areas or high-traffic spaces.

• Furniture Movement – With both doors fully opened, wider entryways accommodate moving large items like furniture, appliances or mattresses. No more stressful tight squeezes trying to manoeuvre bulky objects through standard doorways.

• Flexible Ventilation – One door can remain shut while the other opens to allow in refreshing cross breezes. This strategic air circulation is a welcome comfort on pleasant days.

Double doors designed for energy efficiency reap savings on heating and cooling costs. Updated materials, along with weatherstripping, prevent drafts. Strategically placed double doors can facilitate cross ventilation in warmer months, reducing reliance on air conditioning. Energy savings ultimately depend on the quality of installation, so always choose an experienced company like Shandfield Doors.

Types of Double-Door Options

When it’s time to replace exterior or interior passage doors, popular double door options include:

• French Doors – Signature of classic style, French doors feature large glass panes surrounded by muntin in wood frames. They infuse spaces with natural light and views while maintaining privacy when closed.

• Sliding Patio Doors – These doors maximise openings to the outdoors via panels that slide sideways on a track system. Convenient and space-saving, they open fully yet require little clearance.

• Bi-Fold Doors – Doors that fold like accordions collapse to the sides, completely opening rooms to adjacent outdoor areas. Customisable in size, number and fold configuration.

Things You Should Know Before Replacement

When replacing your home's doors with double doors, thorough preparation is essential to ensure the best outcome. Firstly, consider the space requirements meticulously, providing precise measurements to accommodate the new doors without the need for structural modifications. Secondly, carefully select the material and style preferences, opting for designs and building materials that align with your home's architecture and your personal tastes. Lastly, prioritise security features by upgrading locks, hinges, glass, and screens to safeguard your investment effectively.

Shandfield Doors specialises in premium double-door installations that stand the test of time. Our experts handle the entire replacement process, from recommending styles to precision installation for lasting performance and security. Transform the look, enjoyment and value of your Melbourne home with new double doors installed by our professionals.

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