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Two-in-One Doors: Providing Ventilation, Insect Control, and Security All at the Same Time

July 4, 2019

If you are similar to other Australians, you like to open up your house and let the air flow through it on pleasant days. While this is easy to do with your windows, it is not so with your exterior doors. After all, anyone or various types of insects and animals can enter without permission. What you need to prevent this intrusion from happening is one of the two-in-one doors from our company, Shandfield Doors. We customise these doors to suit our clients’ needs and specifications in a personalised manner.

What Are Two-in-One Doors?

This style of door has a door panel set behind a wrought iron/mesh panel. When the door panel is open the latter panel is closed and locked. We custom make each one of our two-in-one doors per our clients’ own specifications and preferences.

Benefits of Installing Two-in-One Doors

• Increases curb appeal since any of our two-in-one doors are highly attractive and made with quality materials. Both benefits shine through even from those admiring your house from the street. If you decide to sell your house at some point, this type of door can help bring you the price that you deserve.

• Provides security due to the fact that the wrought iron/mesh panel stays closed and locked even when you have the door panel open. With a single-unit front door, you lose your security if you leave it open since there is nothing between you and the outside world.

• Maintains your privacy with the wrought iron/mesh panel. This panel blurs the view from outside and prevents people from seeing everything that you are doing in your home clearly.

• Protects from insect and animal invasions that can cause true havoc in your otherwise, peaceful household. At times, these invasions are not easy to eradicate from your house.

• Allows the air to flow into the house to provide ventilation to freshen it. Keeping a house closed up all the time can make it smell stale. When you open it up to the let the air in, you make your house smell clean again.

• You can enjoy your outdoor view without insects buzzing around your head, crawling on you or biting you.

For further information about how two-in-one doors provide ventilation, insect control, security and more at the same time, contact us when it is convenient. We will show you samples of our two-in-one doors and help you select the right combination for your specific door or doors. Also, you can learn about all of our other door products during this initial meeting.

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