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Traditional and Modern Door Solutions for Your Home

June 8, 2018

Doors play an integral role in all homes regardless of their location. At the front entrance, they help give a positive first impression to all who approach along with providing security. Interior doors allow privacy in the bedrooms and bathrooms or to close off other rooms when necessary. One important thing to remember when choosing your doors is that they should always adhere to the overall style of the home in order for you to have continuity of design. Today, it is easy to choose the right door solutions for your home since Shandfield Doors offers numerous styles that range from traditional to modern from which to make your selection.

Front Doors

Our front doors can be customised to suit the exact style of your house, whether it is traditional, classic, contemporary, modern or another style. You can select to have a solid door without any glass or you can include glass in your door. Also, you can have a design in the timber. We also provide side panels of wood or glass upon request.

Leadlight Doors

The leadlight doors from our company are reminiscent of the Regency and Victorian eras and are ideal for classic period homes as well as traditional ones. With their intricate patterns, the leadlights add a special elegance to any front entrance, but also many homeowners choose to use them as interior doors to complete their décor in a unique fashion.

Two-in-One Doors

With a two-in-one door, you receive a unique entry door that combines a hinged opening panel with one of our wrought iron/mesh panels. You open the door but the wrought iron/mesh panel stays closed to offer insect control, security and ventilation for the house. Each door of this style is unique since we manufacture it according to each client’s specific requirements and preferences.

Internal Doors

Internal or interior doors can be of various designs, such as hinged, bi-folding or sliding. You can select timber in stained or painted versions with or without glass or leadlights. We offer solid, semi-solid and hollow style timber doors in a wide assortment of patterns.

All Doors Come with Quality Hardware

Our company includes only the best hinges, door handles and other hardware with each one of our doors. We guarantee that this hardware will effectively hold up with normal daily use.

For further facts about our traditional and modern door solutions along with our other style options, contact us at your earliest convenience. You even can visit our showroom to discuss your needs in person during the week. We guarantee durable, attractive and timely results.

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