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The Many Benefits of 2 in 1 Doors

May 29, 2018

There are a variety of types of attractive entry doors to choose from today, standard wood, French, glass, leadlight, and 2 in 1 doors. However, of these, 2 in 1 doors have more benefits than the others. What truly makes 2 in 1 doors stand out among other styles of entry doors is their versatility. What are 2 in 1 doors?

While most doors have few main functions, such as to allow entrance, security, and to provide aesthetic appeal, 2 in 1 doors offer other benefits too because of their unique design. Basically, 2 in 1 doors consist of two sections. The main section, which has hinges that attach to the door frame, and an inner, centre section that consists of a hinged open panel that can have a decorative iron mesh or grill that is on the outside.

The hinged inner panel is able to open, allowing fresh air to enter while still providing protection because of the iron mess or grill on the outside of the door. This feature is what makes 2 in 1 doors so popular because you are able to open the interior panel, while the entry door is still closed and locked.

In this way, 2 in 1 doors allow you to either let fresh air into your home, while keeping insects out, or to see and speak to others comfortably behind a closed and locked door. Prior to 2 in 1 doors, the only other way to enjoy these benefits was to install a separate screen door on the outside of the entry door. Although effective, it isn’t attractive, or as secure as the 2 in 1 door design.

In summary, here is a list of benefits a 2 in 1 door can offer you:

  • Customised look and appeal.
  • Various hinged opening panel designs to choose from.
  • Range of styles of wrought iron mesh panels.
  • Allows fresh air into your home, but keeps insects out.
  • The ability to greet and speak face-to-face with visitors, while the entry door is locked and closed.
  • Small panels can be customised to accommodate cats and dogs.

For many decades, people have struggled with trying to enjoy the increased ventilation that screen doors offer, with the security of closed lock doors, but now, that struggle is over. Thanks to 2 in 1 entry doors, homeowners can now enjoy the benefit of allowing fresh air into their homes, without sacrificing security by leaving the front door open.

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