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The Best Custom Made Front Door Design Options for a Contemporary Home

November 5, 2019

By definition, contemporary homes are the type of homes that reflect the architecture of the “now.” They are often described as minimalist and sleek - similar to that of a modern home, thus causing them to be identified interchangeably. One distinction of a contemporary home is that it uses mostly glass and metal in majority of its materials, rather than wood and earthier elements of a modern home. Aside from that, contemporary homes typically adhere to a strict colour palette of black, white and grey, contrary to modern homes’ rust, turquoise, brown and olive greens.

In order for you to have a contemporary home with a coordinated look, every facet of the home must complement each other. Each style and design must work well, especially when viewed from the outside. One essential part that you must take into consideration is the design of the front door. Below are the best custom made front door design options for your contemporary home.

Solid Metal Door Designs

Nothing screams contemporary more than a solid metal front door design. Incorporating black steel as the material for your front door exudes an industrial feel that is both artistic and warm. It gives the impression that the front door protects the entire home against intruders and external elements. Aside from black steel, copper and stainless steel are also used as materials for a solid metal door design.

Irregular, Asymmetrical Patterns

One common feature in a front door of contemporary homes is the irregular and asymmetrical patterns in its design. Those patterns imply a series of random and artistic lines that highlight the futuristic overall theme of a contemporary home. These patterns are also complemented with several geometric shapes that can serve as either the emphasis or complementing element of a contemporary home front door.

Eco-Friendly Designs

Sustainability is one distinction that sets apart a contemporary home from other types. Some designs incorporate this category in constructing a front door. One way of doing this is by using glass materials for the front door. Glass doors are considered to have sustainable qualities because they are energy efficient. They are able to create a seal between the outside and inside, thereby reducing the heat or cold exchange with the outdoors.

Another sustainable material for front doors in a contemporary home is steel. Most steel have a significant recycled content that must match the standards of manufacturers. Its durability and strength make up the majority of its sustainable component because its good quality equates to a longer lifespan. A longer lifespan reduces the demand for replacement doors, thus decreasing the need to manufacture more.

In order to find out which custom front door design to incorporate in your contemporary home, contact Shandfield Doors. We want you to have a front door that is not only eye-catching, but also practical and long lasting. We also value sophistication and style in installing front doors so we work hand-in-hand with our customers, ensuring the ultimate look for each individual home.

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