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Suggested Swing Directions of Hinged Doors on Your Property

July 27, 2021

Residential and commercial properties all utilise doors to carry out multiple functions. For one, doors can protect the spaces inside the properties from weather elements. These doors can also secure the premises of the properties and deter intruders and unauthorised people from going inside. Doors can likewise ensure that the rooms inside the properties are linked effectively without sacrificing privacy.

One type of door that is truly popular in both residential and commercial properties is the hinged door. Hinged doors are doors that are installed in a passageway through a door jamb with several hinges. The way these doors are installed allows them to swing whenever they are opened or closed. 

Although the swinging action of doors is pretty straightforward, one aspect about these doors that should still be considered by property owners is their swing direction. Here are some tips and suggestions on setting up the swing directions of your hinged doors on your property.

Exterior Doors

Exterior doors are meant to effectively secure your property from intruders and burglars. They can likewise ensure that your property will not attain weather elements. For you to fully embrace these benefits, your hinged exterior doors should swing inward. The hinges on these doors must be located on the inside of the jamb so that intruders and burglars cannot access them right away. Secondary glass doors or screen doors are the only exterior doors that can swing outward. 

Interior Doors

Interior doors are doors that are meant to be installed in rooms inside the property. Since a lot of these rooms are situated right next to the hallways and other tight areas, it would be truly great for them to utilise hinged doors that open towards them. Allowing hinged doors to open into the rooms is truly a sensible option for property owners like you since it would not obstruct the spaces next to them. If these doors open towards the tight areas, then the foot traffic on these areas may get bad.

As for hinged interior doors in small spaces, they are recommended to swing outwards. Doing this can prevent the doors from trapping the people inside the mentioned spaces.

Garage Doors

Somehow similar to the purpose of exterior doors, the garage doors must also swing inward and toward your property. Doing this can help ensure that intruders or burglars will not be able to unhinge the hinges on the swing doors. Additionally, inward swinging garage doors can help minimise injuries to people in case of fire emergencies. Installing garage doors that swing outward could only harm you and other people if ever a fire or explosion occurs inside the property.

Hinged doors, no matter what their swinging direction is, would certainly require adequate spaces around them to be able to function effectively. Keeping this in mind can help you plan and design your property well. To know more about hinged doors, you can contact us at Shandfield Doors.

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