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Stunning Leadlight Design Ideas for Your Home

January 22, 2020

Leadlights are coloured sheets of glass cut into small pieces with lead soldered in between and puttied into a particular design. Nowadays, homeowners are incorporating this type of design in their properties in order to somehow showcase either an enhanced visual appeal or a unique style. Below are some of the stunning leadlight design ideas for your home.

Mosaic Tiles

If you opt for a leadlight design that resembles one from the Victorian era then you have to be on the lookout for mosaic tiles style. Leadlights with a tessellated or mosaic tile pattern have geometric designs with diverse colours ranging from reds, ambers, brass yellows, violets, turquoise greens and deep blues. They could also be shaped as either a disc or a diamond.

Hand-Painted Leadlights 

Just like mosaic tiles, hand painting also became popular in the Victorian era. Glass panes often featured a hand painted roundel in the centre or a botanical motif. This would often appear as a stylised flower or leaves. Hand painting is also featured in the borderlines either as decorative scrollwork or as another feature.

Coloured Panes

Back in the day, square, textured, multi-coloured glass panes have launch onto the scene with enhanced decorative effect. It often formed a top and bottom border with a clear pane in between, ensuring that views of the outside were not obstructed.

Geometric, Empire and Patriotic Motifs

Another design that was popular back then was the use of geometric lines as well as employing empire imagery and other shapes. Colour was often used sparingly so that you could still see outside easily. Patriotic imagery also became popular with the prevalence of lyrebirds, kookaburras, waratahs and the sunburst motif. Native Australian flora was also drawn on for inspiration, such as bottlebrush.

Art Nouveau and Deco

Achieve the vintage vibe with leadlights that uses more sinuous lines and stylised floral imagery. These designs can be used both outside and inside the home to great effect. You can also make use of designs influenced by geometry, industry and the machine age. This led to an increase in angular designs with an emphasis on vertical, streamlined forms and colourless, heavily textured glass. You can also have leadlights that blended the floral, natural style of Art Nouveau with the simplified geometry of Art Deco. These designs featured subtle curves, limited coloured glass and representational flowers.

Nature Iconography

Images of plants and flowers can be incorporated in leadlights, as well. This provides less emphasis on straight lines. You do not have to select a style according to the age of your home. Feel free to pick whatever style resonates with you most. After all, leadlights are just features in a place you can home for your own.

For more information regarding stunning leadlight ideas for your home, consult Shandfield Doors. We offer workmanship that defines unique taste and aesthetic appeal that is yours alone.

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