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Shandfield Doors Create Precision-Made Internal Doors That Suit Your Room's Specifications

August 22, 2019

Internal doors play an integral part in providing access and privacy to all who use the various rooms in your home. For this reason and others, you need to ensure that your doors for the interior of your home are precision-made instead of just stock or poorly made ones. After all, the latter two options may lack quality materials and workmanship, a proper fit and durable finishes. As a result, they can not only be hard to operate, but they also can ruin the ambience of your interior and need replacement more often than your budget allows. Instead of settling for less than the best, turn to Shandfield Doors for precision-made interior door options that are eye-catching, durable and created according to your exact specifications and preferences.

We Offer an Endless Assortment of Styles

Our company will make doors in any style that you require. Regardless of whether you need formal, traditional, modern, contemporary, rustic, or your own unique style, we can fulfil your order with quality results. Glass and leadlight also are options here at Shandfield Doors, as are plain and patterned doors.

You Can Choose from Various Featured Timbers

When you turn to us for your interior doors, you choose which of our featured timbers that you prefer for your home. This assortment may vary throughout the year, depending upon the available supply.

Our Company Will Stain or Paint Our Interior Doors

Another choice that you will have when you rely on us for interior doors is stain or paint to provide your doors with the ideal finish for your home’s interior. We know that homeowners differ greatly in their needs in this area, so we offer both choices in a wide range of colours.

We Offer Three Types of Construction

An additional reason to hire us to design your doors is that we provide the following three types of door construction:

• Hollow
• Semi-solid
• Solid

There are Three Kinds of Opening Styles From Which to Make Your Selection

Depending upon where you need your interior doors, you may require a specific opening method. For this reason, we offer the following three opening styles of doors:

• Hinged
• Sliding
• Bi-folding

All Internal Doors Are Custom-Made

Shandfield Doors custom-makes each door that we sell according to our clients’ preferences and specifications. Due to this fact, your doors will fit perfectly.

To learn additional facts about our precision-made internal doors, browse through our site or schedule a consultation with us. We will show you all the material, finish and design options that you can choose from for your doors. All our doors come with a guarantee.

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