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Recommended Front Door Designs That Ensure Both Beauty and Security

June 4, 2019

Homeowners have two concerns when they select their front door. While they want one that is attractive, they also want an entry door that will provide security. After all, with the latter, there are plenty of unscrupulous people in the world that try to break into homes to rob the residents or vandalise the houses in some manner. We are here to tell you that it is possible to receive beauty and security in one door. You even have a choice on the level of protection since there are the following styles of front doors available today.

Leadlight Doors

For years, leadlight doors have adorned entryways to homes in an elegant way. The leadlights in these doors are decorative leaded windows with various types of designs in the glass. They first became popular during the Victorian and Regency time periods. Benefits of this style of door include increasing the curb appeal of your home, providing privacy with the right type of glass and making a bold statement with your front door. However, the downside is that this style of door does not provide the highest level of security since it does contain panes of glass.

Front Doors With or Without Windows

You also have the option of wood front doors with or without windows without the leaded designs. If the doors are solid wood, they can offer a modest level of security, but if they contain glass, the security goes back down to low. Criminals can break all types of glass easy enough to gain entrance. Either type of these doors is highly attractive, though, and may appeal to you.

Two-in-One Doors for Maximum Security

To gain maximum security and beauty with a front door, you need to choose one that is in the two-in-one style. This style of door contains a hinged opening panel that is installed behind a mesh/wrought iron panel. You open the opening panel and leave the later panel closed and locked for security when you want ventilation for your home without the bother of insects. Both panels that make up this style of door are attractive to ensure that they complement your house in the ideal fashion.

Turn to Shandfield Doors for your choice of these front doors. We specialise in all of them along with interior doors. Our company will work closely with you to ensure that your door provides your home an attractive enhancement while it protects it on the level that you need it to for your location and preferences. You can customise it to suit your design needs as well.

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