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Reasons the Make a 2 in 1 Door a Better Option versus Adding a Mesh Screen Door

February 26, 2021

All homeowners only want to maintain the safety and security of their properties, which is why they would for options that can help them achieve their goals. One of the elements that can help assure the safety and security of properties is the door. 

There are a lot of door options that are being sold to the market right now. One of these options is the mesh screen door. These doors typically cover an exterior or entry door to effectively prevent debris, leaves, insects, or even birds from entering the property. They can also help prevent children and pets from leaving their homes without any supervision. What makes these doors special is that they can still allow air, light, and outdoor views to enter despite their blocking abilities.

While mesh screen doors are deemed to be effective in a lot of home properties, another type of door that can possibly beat their advantages is the 2-in-1 doors. The following are some reasons as to why a 2-in-1 door is better than incorporating a mesh screen door.

Customisation Option

2-in-1 doors are comprised of two unique sections. The main section has hinges that can be attached to the door frame. The inner, centre section, alternatively, has a hinged open panel that consists of a decorative iron mesh. The overall appeal of these sections can be customised based on the preferences of the owner, allowing these doors to blend well with the existing aesthetics of a property. The hinged open panel can likewise have designs that would match one’s preferences. The styles available for wrought iron mesh panels are also abundant, allowing owners to choose whatever they want.

Improved Comfort

Another reason why a 2-in-1 door is better than a mesh screen door is that it can improve the overall comfort of a property. The hinged inner section of the 2-in-1 door can still be opened due to the presence of the iron mesh or grill on the outside of the door, which then allows fresh air and natural light to freely enter. So, even if the interior panel is opened, the entry door remains locked and closed. And even if the fresh air can freely enter, insects and other elements from outside are still prevented from going in. Mesh screen doors cannot do the same thing as they lack enough protection once they are opened.

Maintained Security

The installation of a 2-in-1 door will not only improve comfort and aesthetics but can also help maintain the security and safety of the property. Even if the entry door of the 2-in-1 door is still locked and closed, property owners can still greet and talk with visitors who are outside. A mesh screen door, on the other hand, does not have the same ability since opening it can already pose security risks to the property.

If you want to obtain a 2-in-1 door for your property, then feel free to call us at Shandfield Doors. We are based in Bayswater North and has been designing, building, and installing doors for over 25 years. Established by Master Craftsmen Jerry Zapantis, we offer a professional and personal service - where outstanding quality is coupled with excellent value.

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