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Quality Front-Entry Frames that Will Surely Last: Contact Shandfield Doors

October 7, 2019

When you look at your front door, do you like what you see? Homeowners and commercial property owners throughout the world know that their front entrance is important. Your front door serves many different purposes. From establishing positive curbside appeal to creating a functional form of home defense, having the right door frame is important. Today, we are going to establish how you can choose the right front-entry frame for your property.

Get the Right Front-Entry Frame From Shandfield Doors

If you are in the market for a brand new door, you need to start by taking stock of your front-entry frame needs. As it turns out, selecting the right front-entry frame is a relatively detailed process. To come home with the right frame, you are going to first need to know which details to pay attention to. Let's highlight the most important points to focus on as you start shopping for front-entry frames.

1) Frame Material -
For starters, you are going to have to decide on the material that your front-entry frame is constructed from. There are several different frame materials to choose from. We'll highlight a few materials as well as their advantages, below.

a) Vinyl - One of the most durable front-entry frame materials available, vinyl is an excellent choice for most homeowners. Vinyl frames are energy efficient and resistant to conventional wear-and-tear.

b) Wood - Wood front-entry frames are among the most common in the world. Wood is easy to work with as well as extremely customisable. If you want something beautiful and ornate, yet refined, a wooden frame could serve you well.

c) Fiberglass - Fiberglass offers extremely strong and weather-resistant traits to your front-entry frame. If you live in a wet or weather averse region, you might want to consider the versatile and structurally sound fiberglass frame.

2) Design Type - Once you've settled on your front-entry frame, you need to take stock of your door's design. You can get a number of different front doors here at Shandfield Doors. We offer selections for every style of home including classic, contemporary, and modern designs. We also carry the popular 2-in-1 door.

3) Professional Installers - Once you've selected your frame and door design, you are ready to get the entrance installed. While we find the DIY mindset admirable, you don't want to risk mistakes with your front entrance. Now is the time to call on a team of reliable door service professionals!

When you are ready to get your new front-entry frame installed, give us a call. Shandfield Doors is based out of Bayswater North and has been happily serving the region for over 25 years!

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