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Leadlight Entrance Doors: When Do They Need to Be Replaced?

October 16, 2018

Leadlight entrance doors are like beautiful works of art that greet visitors when they approach your home. Depending on the design, leadlight doors can have delicate colours and opaqueness that defines the Edwardian and Victorian characteristics that appeal to so many home owners. And when the sun shines through the decorative stained glass during the early morning or late afternoon, your hallway and home becomes transformed into a wonderful kaleidoscope of colours.

There are some questions people ask before buying a leadlight entrance door that also pertains those who already have them. When do they need to be replaced? A better question to ask is, can they be replaced? The answer is simple, yes, stained glass entrance doors can be replaced. When do they need to be replaced is best answered below:

A desire to preserve and protect your stained glass – if you want to make sure that the stained glass of your entrance door is preserved and protected, have it carefully removed and encapsulated within a triple glazed unit, and then replace it.

Change the look of your stained glass – if you want to add an originally designed piece of stained glass to your leadlight entrance door, you can. Professional door manufacturers can remove your old stained glass, and then replace it with a special new design of your choosing.

Damaged glass – if the stained glass becomes damaged or lose it could be repaired, if it is a simple pattern. However, for more complex stained glass designs, such as door windows with a stylish curved design, when these break it is best to replace it.

The entrance door is damage – if your leadlight entrance door has many dings and cracks, or it becomes difficult to open and close, then it may be time to replace it. The good news is that even though you may have to replace your old leadlight entry door, you can preserve the stained glass and have it installed on your new front door.

Many people may feel that replacing their old custom leadlight entrance door is not economically feasible, but that is not true. There are affordable ways to replace your entry door and preserve or replace your stained glass, without it costing an unaffordable amount of money.

At Shandfield Doors, we are expert door manufactures and encourage people to ask us for help in preserving or replacing their leadlight entrance doors, that’s because there are truly endless possibilities available to home owners today.

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