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Leadlight Doors versus Stained-Glass Ones: Are There Differences?

April 4, 2019

When it comes to choosing the ideal entryway door for your home, you have numerous choices including those that contain leadlight panels or stained-glass panels. While certain property owners feel that both of these glass terms are identical in meaning, they do differ from each other in certain characteristics. To further your knowledge on this topic, read the following information.

The Basic Process for Making Leadlight and Stained-Glass Panels Is the Same

Both of these panel types are made by using metal canes to encase individual pieces of glass to create the desired size of the panel. Today, canes can be of lead, zinc, copper, brass or brass-capped lead. The canes need to be soldered together to join them securely at their points of intersection. Also, the edges of the entire panel also are sealed by soldering a metal cane at strategic points around it. After this the panel is ready for installation into a door.

What Are Leadlight Panels?

Leadlight panels are created from glass cast in a variety of different shapes. They typically contain glass that is clear or frosted rather than coloured. The designs on these panels are decorative but do not depict objects or scenarios as with stained-glass ones. These panels are simple but elegant in front doors. In addition, these panels cost less to include in a door than stained-glass does for doors.

How Does Stained-Glass Panels Differ From Leadlight Ones?

Real stained glass is created by attaching together separate, specially shaped pieces of coloured glass by using the metal canes we mentioned above. This is not the only way that this glass differs from the leadlight glass, though, since stained-glass panels usually depict objects or scenarios rather than just decorative designs. To picture this, think about the windows in cathedrals and churches. Also, the colouring of the glass is melted into it and not just applied on the surface, which makes it long-lasting and fadeproof. The cost of stained-glass panels is higher than that of leadlight ones since it takes a bit more artistry to create them.

How to Select Which One is Right for You?

Consider your budget first when choosing between these two types of doors. While you may be able to afford a leadlight one, a stained-glass door may be out of your budget range. You should also decide upon the ambiance that you wish to create with the door, and which one of these choices best accomplishes it.

For further facts about the differences between leadlight doors and stained-glass ones, contact Shandfield Doors. Our specialty is manufacturing and installing front doors, internal doors, two-in-one doors and leadlight doors. All workmanship and materials are of the highest quality, and both are covered by our guarantee.

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