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Internal Door Options: Differences between Hinged, Sliding, and Bi-folding Doors

March 29, 2018

Doors are a universal means of ingress and egress, but not all doors are made alike. Just as there are many different materials used for making doors, so too there is a wide variety of door styles that suit specific needs. Whether you have a residential building or a place of business, there is always a right door for your every need.

As an example, here are the three basic door varieties that you can in all types commercial and residential buildings.

Three Basic Door Types and their Uses

Hinged doors – these are your basic type of doors. Found everywhere and made from an assortment of different materials to suit whatever aesthetics or purpose they have to fulfil. Hinged doors are the go-to choice for nearly every home or place of business, due to their ease-of-installation and their popularity. While they provide excellent security, and hold well aesthetic-wise, they can be quite troublesome if you are looking to lug in large pieces of furniture.

Sliding doors – originally in common use in many parts of Europe, thanks to Ottoman influence, sliding doors are, nowadays, often commonly associated with anything and everything Oriental. The most well-known sliding doors are the Japanese shoji – rice-paper covered bamboo sliding doors. However, many other examples exist, and some of the finest examples of sliding doors can be found in Thai and Filipino-Spanish period styles, which truly revolutionised the style.

The wonderful thing about sliding doors is that they allow for accessible entry and exit of large, bulky objects. They can be somewhat problematic in that you cannot so easily shut them, especially if, like the Thai and Filipino-Spanish colonial examples, they are made of hardwood framed in iron or steel. Still, sliding doors are an excellent choice if you want to maximise your space and improve overall security.

Bi-Folding Doors – bi-folding doors are hinged doors that also fold into each other, with segmented sections that are likewise hinged. Like sliding doors, they allow for wide-open entry, but unlike the former, they are less sturdy and secure. Originally popular in French-dominated areas like Louisiana and New Orleans, they hearken to a style that is well-loved in France, and while they are wonderful choices for aesthetic reasons, they aren’t always a good choice for security.

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