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Installing Wood Doors for a Contemporary Home

March 27, 2020

Contemporary homes, as the name suggests, are employed with designs that cover within whatever trends are popular in the current day; that being said, contemporary design is constantly adapting and ever changing.

From classic mid-century design to today’s modern structures, contemporary homes combine beauty and practicality. They often combine form and function to create stunning aesthetics. With the right wood door, you can extend that beautiful contemporary look into the entryways of your home. Let's look at some of the defining characteristics of contemporary home design, and how wood doors can not only complement, but even enhance those features.

Clean Lines and Simple Designs

One of the most defining aspects of contemporary design is simplicity and its smooth, clean lines. A contemporary flush or full panel door from Simpson matches that aesthetic, all with the quality and craftsmanship you have come to expect from us. Embrace the bold architectural features of modernism without sacrificing the warmth and durability of wood.

Open with Plenty of Light

Large windows and well-lit interiors are a central tenet of contemporary design. They help to create an inviting space within the home. You can extend this look from your walls and into the entryways of your home with a Simpson door containing textured glass. These doors feature glass that extends all the way to the edge of the door, creating a unique and beautiful look, while still allowing for ample light to pass through.

Choose a door with textured glass and your privacy is completely in your hands. In both door types shown above, the glass can be customised to use any texture, and glass type to adjust the opacity of your door. Meaning you have complete control over how much privacy you want with your doors.

Open Concept

Anyone who has ever seen a home buying or renovation show knows that an open concept floorplan is currently one of the most popular trends among homebuyers. By tearing down walls, these open layouts can make a small space feel larger, remove the separation between the kitchen and living room, and are great for entertaining. However, there might be a reason or occasion where you want to separate these spaces. A great solution to this problem is to separate the spaces in your home with large doors on the barn track.

A wood barn door will make a statement in any room, and provide versatility to either join, or separate spaces in your home. These doors can be mounted over a wide entryway on barn track hardware to create a large, airy space when opened, yet allow for privacy when closed. While any door can be used in a barn track application, doors that look like they belong on a barn are a popular choice. These are available in a variety of sizes and designs so you can pick the perfect match for your home.


One of the best aspects of modern contemporary design is how no two homes are completely alike. A wood door can be completely customisable, so each door is unique.

For more information on installing contemporary doors for your contemporary home, consult Shandfield Doors. We offer workmanship that defines unique taste and aesthetic appeal that is yours alone.

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