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Ideal Parts of Your Home Where Bi-Folding Doors Can Be Placed

June 26, 2018

When selecting the right doors for various places in your home, you need to understand the different types and their attributes. We are here to start your education on this matter with information about bi-folding doors. Bi-folding or bi-fold doors are made up of multiple panels and they open with a sliding action. The panels stack on each other up against the wall when they are fully open. This type of door also offers flexibility as far as where you can install it, and we provide the following facts to further your education on the bi-fold doors.

Bi-Fold Doors Come in Different Styles and Colours

You can select the style and colour of bi-folding doors that complement your house in the ideal fashion. The wood in the door can be either stained or painted with any shade that you require it to be for your home d├ęcor. Also, you can choose how many panels that you require for your specific opening. Let us not forget that these doors come with or without glass. Remember that if these doors contain glass that they allow additional light to flow into the room and can provide you with an excellent view of outdoor areas or other parts of the house when closed.

Placement Suggestions for Bi-Fold Doors

1. Bi-Folding Doors Are Ideal at Entrances to Various Outdoor Elements

If your backyard contains outdoor features that you like to enjoy each day, there are no better doors for the entrance to them from your house than the bi-fold ones. On top of this, if these doors contain glass panels, you can view these features from the comfort of the interior of your home during inclement weather or at those times when you must stay indoors.

2. Attractive, Functional Doors for Closets

Closets are another section of the house where bi-folding doors are suitable for hiding their contents. These doors are ideal with closets that take up a substantial area of the wall, but they can be installed with other types of closets as well.

3. Bi-Folding Doors Are Ideal for Room Dividers

In houses that have an open-floor design, bi-fold doors are ideal to divide off sections of the space into temporary rooms. Even if you have a large entrance from one room to another one, the doors are suitable to divide the two rooms from each other.

Since each house is unique in design, consult with Shandfield Doors to learn where you can install bi-folding doors in your house to take full advantage of all of their attributes. We specialise in the design, construction and installation processes of quality doors that suit the unique needs of our clients.

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