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How to Decide on Finishing Touches for Your Door

July 31, 2020

Doors are primarily meant to provide security, safety, and privacy among the people who are either residing or working in a specific property. These doors also provide insulation properties that can effectively regulate indoor temperatures and save energy costs.

But apart from their technical benefits, one defining benefit of doors is that they hugely contribute to the overall functionality and appearance of a property. As you all know, not all doors boast the same set of materials, design, style. Each door has its own set of physical attributes that may or may not enhance the overall comfortability and aesthetic of a property and its rooms. 

If ever you have already picked a great material for your door, the next thing that you should think about is its finishing touches. What doors should have locks on them? Are you going to use a handle or a knob? To help you out, here are some things to consider before deciding on the finishing touches for your door.

Incorporating Door Locks

It is often recommended for a property to acquire different types of doors since each property area has its own distinct function. For instance, point-of-entry doors that are located in the front or at the back of a home or a building must have a keyed entry set so that property owners and other trusted people can lock and unlock them from both sides of the property. Hallway access areas or storage cupboards, on the other hand, may possess passage doors that do not have any locks. Wardrobes and other interior areas can utilise doors that have or do not have locks, depending on the decision of property owners.

Installing Knobs or Handles

One of the finishing touches that you must decide on your doors is the installation of knobs or handles. As mentioned, different areas of a property are equipped with different types of doors. Indoor areas that will be frequently accessed by the elderly, small children and people with disabilities must have doors that are easy to use. In this case, handles would easily help them open doors in these areas.

Passage and points-of-entry doors may possess either a handle or a knob since they will be used by everyone. The same thing may also be applied to privacy doors for key rooms in a property. Knobs or handles that do not turn can be used for wardrobes and interior doors.

In choosing knobs or handles, you must still match their design to the appearance and material of your doors and their surroundings. Contemporary or traditional homes have distinct looks that must be identified and followed to ensure great door appearance without losing functionality.

Knowing these things can help you attain doors that can provide you safety, security, and privacy. Functionality and appearance of your property are also achieved when you apply the right finishing touches for your door. If you need help with these things, just give us a call at Shandfield Doors. We are based in Bayswater North and have been designing, building, and installing doors for over 25 years.

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