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How to Choose the Right Door Styles When Building a New Home

November 9, 2020

A new home boasts different elements that can make it valuable and functional. And as these elements are picked and chosen, certain defining factors should be carefully considered to make them worthy of complementing the property. 

One element of a new home that must be considered thoroughly is its doors. Doors are practically anywhere. From the entrance of the home to bedrooms, these doors can help home areas to be separated according to their core functions. Additionally, choosing the right door styles can help specific rooms and spaces to be secure and protected without compromising their overall appearance.

To choose the right door styles for your new home, you may want to consider the following factors:

Main Purpose

Every part of your new home has its own function and purpose, which is why they must be perfectly supplemented by the door. When choosing the right door for your home, you must consider the location where it will be installed. For entryways and entrances, choosing exterior or entry doors would be perfect as they are made to resist damaging outdoor elements. For bedrooms and other rooms inside your home, you may want to utilise interior doors as they normally come in a wide variety of shapes and styles that can easily blend well with the general design of your rooms.

Door Material

Another factor that you must consider in choosing the perfect door style for your home is its material. Certain door types and styles are simply not suitable for certain materials, which is why you must carefully consider the material that you will be choosing for your doors. Door materials also matter for the longevity, appearance, and overall value of your home. Wooden doors can be utilised in your home as they boast a natural appearance. Fibreglass doors, on the other hand, have great insulating values. Doors that are made from steel, alternatively, have strong and durable qualities.

Available Space

Aside from their location and material, a lot of doors can also come in different styles. Some door styles are intended for huge spaces, while others can be effective in rooms that have limited areas. The way the doors are accessed and constructed can make a real difference when it comes to the overall structure and layout of homes. Hinged doors have hinges that allow them to be swung open or close. Sliding doors, on the other hand, move in a horizontal direction as they glide along a track. Folding doors tell a different story as they can practically fold into two portions. Pockets doors are built alongside the wall next to them.

Some more features that you may want to consider in choosing your perfect doors mostly include the presence of fire ratings and soundproofing. The colour, design, and other specifications would mostly depend on your preferences, but considering the aforementioned factors in choosing your doors can easily affect and influence the outcome of your preferred doors. If you want to get some help in choosing your right door style, feel free to contact us at Shandfield Doors.


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