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How to Choose a Good Front Door for Your Home

July 18, 2017

Of all the doors in a house, it is the front door that makes the most significant statement about the kind of home you have, and it should not only be appealing to the eye, but strong, practical, and long-lasting. With that said, there are all types of classic, modern, and contemporary front doors to choose from that will meet any home’s aesthetic design.

A front door can definitely add appeal to your home, but it should made with durable materials that can withstand rain, wind, and the scorching rays of the sun. Front doors can be hardy and look good at the same time, and finding the right front door for your home shouldn’t be difficult, especially when you consult with door experts at Shandfield Doors – designer, manufacture, and door installers in Melbourne.

Choosing a Good Front Door for Your Home

At Shandfield Doors, we understand how special the homes of property owners are, they are especially unique, just like our front doors. We manufacture uniquely designed doors for the homes our clients that meet and exceed their requirements, in all areas, aesthetic design, attractive high-grade materials, and the quality of the installation.

Our doors are not only handsome, but the front doors that are manufactured in our factory are tough, tough enough to withstand heavy rain, gusty winds, and the constant scorching rays of the sun, and, hardy enough to keep would-be intruders out.

Wood is the Standard for Attractive Residential Front Doors in Australia

In the door industry, quality material matters, that is why Shandfield Doors uses the highest quality lumber, glass, and other materials in every door manufactured. While there are other types of materials used to make front doors, most Australians prefer the natural appeal of good timber, such as walnut, cherry, oak, maple, pine, and mahogany because these are versatile and beautiful woods.

If you want a ‘good’ front door for your home, then it is advised to steer clear of stock wood doors because these are not as hardy that is because they are typically made with an engineered-wood core and are then sandwich together with a wood-veneer skin. Yes, they are cheaper than quality custom-made timber front doors, but they are definitely not as hardy, weather resistant, or appealing.

Choosing a good front door for your home shouldn’t be a quick decision, allow yourself time to view various designs and styles, and speak with professionals at Shandfield Doors, they can help you design a unique and beautiful front door for your home.

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