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Highlight Your Front Door Designs with Front-Entry Frames

November 22, 2018

No matter the type of size of a home, it is the front door that is always the welcoming façade to the world. Throughout history, even to this very day, the front door as a means of entry and exit has always been ornately decorated or otherwise made iconic and memorable. Interestingly, hundreds of traditions and folkloric belief have been attached to the front doors of houses, and so too different aesthetics and artistic flourishes.

While the entryways of the past varied between extreme grandeur and bare-bones simplicity, nowadays, there appears to be a standard sort of ‘uniformity’ to entryways (with only very rare exceptions in some cultures). Unfortunately, with this trend of uniformity have come a lack of appeal and innovation, especially in prefabricated houses that come with very simplistic designs.

If you are looking to remodel your house or change its overall aesthetics in any way, front-door entry frames make for an excellent addition to your home’s façade, and for a number of good reasons too:

  • Superior aesthetics – front-entry frames allows your doorway to look more polished, refined, and more inviting to visitors. Aside from creating a framework that can hide unsightly grout or uneven brickwork, overall, it helps a façade look more pleasing to the eyes. The sheer variety of aesthetics options possible with front-entry frames will help you to match or contrast your entryway to the overall aesthetics of your building, perfectly, creating a uniformity that is always appealing.
  • Structural integrity – a doorway is often held exclusively by the panels and the door jamb. With the addition of an extra framework outside it, further structural integrity can be added to your doorway with front-entry frames. This extra structural support helps to resist damage from forceful shutting or sudden opening, this is especially true if front-entry frames are made of stone, brick, or plaster.
  • Allows natural light in – most modern front door designs have front-entry frames featuring paneled glass, which can be see-through, tinted, or textured. But whatever the type, these front-entry frames achieve one purpose – they allow natural light in. This helps to improve the ambience of a home, while simultaneously helping you to save money by limiting your reliance on artificial lighting. It also makes your entryway look absolutely elegant by creating a kaleidoscope effect.

If you want to highlight your front door designs with front-entry frames, you can by contacting Shandfield Doors – experts in customised doorways and entryways for residential properties.

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