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Give Your Entryway a Luxurious Feel by Installing Leadlight Doors

September 6, 2019

The entryway to your home and you front door are two of the things people notice immediately when they approach your house. You want your entryway to be attractive and welcoming. Installing leadlight doors can give your entryway a luxurious look.

Leadlight Panels

A leadlight door is a door with leadlight panels. Leadlight panels are decorative pieces of glass surrounded by pieces of metal called cames. The metal cames are soldered together. Pieces of metal came are also soldered around the panel to help hold the pieces of glass in place. These cames might be made of copper, lead, brass or zinc. Leadlight panels are installed in a door in the same way as stained glass panels.

These panels are similar to stained glass. However, they have less elaborate designs than stained glass. They also differ from stained glass because they are not coloured.

Advantages of Leadlight Panels

If you want stained glass panels, but are unable to afford them, you will be pleased to find out that leadlight panels cost less to install than stained glass panels. They will also allow more light through your front door because they are not coloured.

A front door with leadlight panels will certainly make the outside of your home look more attractive. However, it will also improve the appearance of the inside area adjacent to the front door. The leadlight panels will be visible from inside the home. Sun shining through the panels will brighten any room.

Designs and Styles

The pieces of glass used in a leadlight panel are frequently cut in geometric shapes. These shapes may include diamonds, squares or circles. Designs on the pieces of glass in a leadlight panel may include geometric designs or plants.

If you live an older home, you may want to choose a leadlight panel design that matches the style of your home. You can choose a modern design that will match a modern home. A modern design will add a contemporary touch to an older home.

You can also create your own design to give your front door your personal touch. Experienced craftsmen will be able to turn your design into a work of art.

Contact Shanfield Doors for information about installing leadlight doors to make your entryway look more luxurious. Our skilled craftsmen are experienced in installing leadlight doors. We can help you design a beautiful leadlight door that welcomes visitors to your home.

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