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Front Door Features and Options

November 16, 2017

Homeowners often underestimate the influence a front entry door has on the first impression that visitors form upon approaching their home. As a result, their front doors lack the level of attractiveness and functionality that these doors should offer to the house. To enhance your entrance door on an optimal level, take the time to research into the following front door features and options that are available from Shandfield Doors.

A Wide Assortment of Styles Are Possible

Since we use timber and other materials in our doors, we offer you a variety of d├ęcor styles, including simplistic modern, elegant traditional and in-the-now contemporary ones. We will customise the style to complement your house in the ideal fashion. Also, you can choose from solid doors or those with windows along with hinged single doors or French doors. Along with these styles, you can choose whether you have a light, medium or dark stained or painted finish.

Extra Security Features Are Available

If security is a concern of yours, we offer the 2 in 1 doors option. In this option, there is a hinged opening panel in behind your choice or our mesh or wrought iron panels. You can enjoy top security along with adequate ventilation and insect control with this choice in front doors from our company.

Side Panels Will Enhance Your Front Doors

You can select to enhance your front door with either solid or glass side panels. The entryway size often dictates whether or not you can add this option.

Leadlight Doors Add Elegance to Any Front Entryway

Doors of the leadlight style add a unique beauty and elegance to your front door. Various options are available in glass and patterns. These doors will complement the classic period, traditional, modern and contemporary styles of homes simply by choosing the right designs and glass.

Choose from a Wide Assortment of Door Handles, Hinges and Locks

For the right finishing touches for your front door, we guide your choice of handles, hinges and locks. You may need to select a smooth, sleek handle for contemporary or modern design, or an ornate one for traditional design of front door. Also, the finishes include silver, antique silver, brass, gold or antique gold for these hardware pieces.

To learn additional details about our front door features and options, consult with us. We serve your needs from our facilities in Bayswater North. Our company specialises in not only designing doors but also in constructing and installing them in a quality manner. When we combine your ideas with our expertise, the results will be a unique, one-of-a-kind door. For your protection, we guarantee your satisfaction.

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