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Five Things to Consider When You're Replacing Your Front Entry Door

October 21, 2019

The front entry door is one of the most important facets of a home. It is the first thing to be seen before visitors could step inside your house. Aside from that, the front entry door serves as a partition that separates your home from all the outside elements. As a security feature, it is your first line of defence against intruders and unwanted parties.    

Such is the reason why front entry doors are more susceptible to the occasional wear and tear. Damages and dents in your entryway can greatly affect the overall look of your house so naturally replacing it would be the automatic solution. However, there are five things that you must first consider before replacing your front entry door.

Replace vs. Repair

First, you must assess if it is really necessary to opt for a replacement. If the door itself or the frames are dented, bowed or warped, then a replacement is needed. Same goes if the front entry door is improperly installed in the first place.

Check both the weather strip and door sweep for damages. They are easier to replace as parts rather than have an entire front entry door unit replacement. Also, if an updated look is your sole purpose, you can simply cover a solid door with panels of stock moulding.


Once you are certain that a replacement is in order, you can now proceed into identifying what type of door is needed. You can choose from a pre-hung door or a slab door. A pre-hung door is a door with jambs and hinges in place. They are ready to install without alterations. They also come in standard sizes with heights of 203-244cm and widths of 46-91cm. Meanwhile, a slab door is for those who desire for a custom-made design. They are also used for door with unusual sizes. The jambs and hinges are installed separately.


Imagination is the limit when it comes to choosing a style for your front entry door. However, it is important that the style you choose perfectly blends with the rest of the house. Otherwise, it will only look odd. An older home, for instance, would most likely require a wooden door to match the doorframe and interior woodwork. But if you prefer a modern and contemporary architectural style, think about the use of glass in the door. Choose from larger single panes, a grouping of smaller ones, or even stained glass.

Material and Hardware

In choosing the type of material, consider the budget for the front entry door installation and maintenance. You can choose from materials such as - steel, fibreglass, wood, or a combination. Each one offers a different feel, weight, and style. Steel doors are a great entry-level option because they are durable, budget-friendly and offer a wide range of design choices, including colours and glass options. Steel doors are also a good choice because they resist shrinking, swelling and warping, require little maintenance, and are energy-efficient.

On one hand, fibreglass requires almost no maintenance because it does not dent, rots or rusts.  Fibreglass doors are energy-efficient, affordable and made to last in all climates — plus you can paint them any colour or stain them to get a wood like effect. Lastly, wood doors, while beautiful, are more expensive and require maintenance, especially with high exposure to the elements.  However, they are strong and secure. Scratches in wooden doors can be repaired easily.


The main function of a front entry door is to ensure the home’s security and privacy. The front entry door must have solid locking mechanisms. You can choose from doors with handle locks, deadbolts, or both. If you are using fibreglass as your main material, you must consider its thickness and whether it should be frosted or clear. You can also use sensors that integrate with home security systems.

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