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Exterior Leadlight Door Cleaning and Maintenance Tips

April 28, 2018

Leadlight doors are some of the most elegant doors that you can find in the market today. Typically associated with period houses, leadlight doors are a testament to the age-old flair for artistry and understated elegance that became the hallmark of old houses.

Thankfully, leadlight doors did not go the way of many antique home decor – set down the road of forgetfulness – but remains highly popular, if a tad pricier than most prefabricated doors of today, barring the ultra-high-security doors and the custom-made ones. The most inviting factor that makes leadlight doors so alluring, even today, is the innate elegance and old-time aesthetics that they exude.

Because of its ‘fancy’ nature though, a leadlight door requires a significant degree of care and maintenance compared to standard doors, to always look its best. Whether you have antique lead-light doors or modern reproductions, here are some excellent tips to help clean and maintain them:

  • Check the material – it pays to know if the leadlight door you have is leaded glass or stained glass. There is a big difference between the two materials, even though they look the same superficially. Stained glass has an outer covering of paint that will chip or flake off if one uses tough abrasive cleaners, while leaded glass doesn’t have this disadvantage. Knowing what sort of glass you have will help you determine the proper cleaning method to employ.
  • Check the setting – some leadlight doors have a metallic framework that sets the glass in place. These can be made from copper or brass, but sometimes even iron. Knowing the type of material used in its framework will also help you decide how best to clean it, and what cleaning materials to use. As a general rule, tough abrasives should be avoided to prevent scratching the metal framework. If patina is present, or patination is desired, specialised cleaning surfactants may be necessary.
  • Avoid abrasives scouring pads – while one may be tempted to employ abrasive pads to clean grime or soot, this may damage the glass by causing minor scratches that will only increase in severity given enough time. A soft cloth, chamois, or a soft synthetic sponge should be effective enough to clean whatever soot, grime, or dirt that may be clouding the glass.

No matter how careful you are though, there will still be times when specialised cleaning may be required. Whether it’s because of a very dirty antique leadlight pane that needs proper restoration, or because you want to ensure that your leadlight doors remain in pristine condition, expert cleaners may have to do the job in your stead.

If you’re looking for an attractive customised leadlight door and the general maintenance service that will keep it looking its best, for years to come, then visit Shandfield Doors today.

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