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Exterior French Doors for Your Home: What Makes Them Worth It?

March 29, 2022

One of the most important elements of a home layout is the use of natural lighting. While windows certainly do their job, there are times you need to let light stream through a doorway. One of the simplest ways to increase natural light in the house is to install french doors.

Aside from functionality, there is something about french doors that makes them more romantic and visually appealing. When you come across them at a friend’s home, you can just imagine yourself throwing those gorgeous doors open, walking out to the veranda, and sitting in an outdoor swing, rocking chair or the like. Having large French doors is like walking back in time to the romantic homes of yesteryear.

The fact is, french doors are a draw and people love them. In fact, for some home buyers,french doors is can be a strong influencing factor.

Yes! French doors can offer several benefits and to help determine whether this type of door is a viable option for your home, we have structured a list of benefits to investing in exterior french doors.

Why French Doors?

French doors are doors that have impressive glass inserts. It is a type of door often used at the rear of the house and serves as an expansive entryway to the home, a type of divider that seamlessly flows the indoor area into the gorgeous outdoor patio, veranda or yard of the home.

They Are Stunning

Investing in french doors is a beautification of your home. The doors are stunning and work well with many different home styles, from the rustic to the contemporary home, these doors offer a sweeping gorgeousness to the entrance of the home.

And There Was Light

French doors can be an easy way to add natural light to enter the home. The doors can swing either outward or inward, or even slide sideways on a track. The biggest advantage is that the french door is virtually all glass, but it is surrounded by elegant wood patterns, and this can increase the sunlight that streams into the home.

Ease of Entry

Another distinct advantage is that french doors are large enough to allow people to enter or leave the doorway easily. It is the perfect option when you need an entry or exit from a living space to an outdoor living or entertainment space.

Improve TheDécor

Adding a french door can improve the decor of the interior and exterior of the home. The door becomes a focal point that can lead the eye to other important design elements in the home.

Energy Efficient

Unlike old sliding doors, french doors are more energy-efficient. New models are manufactured with double glass panes to improve insulation and energy efficiency. The dual panes stop warm air from escaping the home during winter and keep cool air in the home during the summer heat.

Improved Security

Some homeowners are afraid of buying french doors because they believe these doors are less secure. While french doors do have window panes they are installed with adjustable hinge mechanisms that improve security. In addition, windowpane size is small which prevents unwanted visitors from coming into the home and they can be equipped with high-security locks designed to deter intruders.

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