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Extending the Service Life of Your Doors through Maintenance

May 11, 2021

Houses and other types of properties will not be complete if they are not equipped with doors. After all, doors are utilised to effectively secure the properties and prevent them from burglary incidents. Doors likewise help in maintaining the safety and privacy of the people inside.

But for the doors to be effective in carrying out their intended purposes, they must be maintained optimally. Maintaining the doors regularly will not only allow them to be functional, but it can also help preserve their service life as well as sustain their grand appearance. Most of the maintenance activities for doors can be done by property owners themselves. Professional services may only be needed if some parts of the doors need to be fixed or replaced.

There are many ways on how to preserve and even extend the service life of your doors. Some of the things that you could do for effective door maintenance are as follows:

Clean the Doors

Cleaning the doors can be a great way to maintain them. No matter what type of doors your property currently has, most of them are typically exposed to elements that can damage them in the long run. Temperature, moisture, ultraviolet rays, mould, dust, and other particles and elements can all affect the service life of your doors. Fortunately, cleaning them at least twice a year with a soap-water solution can be effective in removing most of the mentioned elements. Just make sure that your soap does not contain ammonia to avoid damaging your doors and other surrounding fittings.

Apply Lubricant

There are some parts of the door and door fittings that need to be lubricated once a year. Locks, hinges, and other crucial parts of your doors that move every time they are being opened or closed must have sufficient lubrication to sustain their smooth operations. You may want to opt for all-around spray lubricant if it is available. Alternatively, you may want to seek some advice from your door provider to make sure that you will opt for a suitable lubricant for your door parts and avoid causing more issues.

Check Weatherstripping

Weatherstripping involves the installation of appropriate sealing materials like door sweeps, foam tapes, and others on doors to ensure that the interior spaces will be free from outdoor elements. While these materials can be durable and long-lasting, checking them once a year can be a great way to see if they are still functional. Weatherstripping materials that are already faulty for a long time will only lead to the entry of elements as well as consumption of more energy. Ensuring that your weatherstripping materials are in place can help avoid any heat leaks or entry of cold air.

If you want to know more about proper door maintenance, just contact us at Shandfield Doors. We are based in Bayswater North and has been designing, building, and installing doors for more than 25 years. We offer a professional and personal service – where outstanding quality is coupled with excellent value.

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