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Door Designs and Patterns for Bedroom Doors

August 21, 2017

There are a wide variety of choices among innovative bedroom door designs and styles to select from when building a new home or renovating your current residence today. Whether your preferences are for traditional styles or more contemporary door designs, you will be able to find a suitable and pleasing door for completing the attractive entrance to each bedroom in your home. If you want customized doors to best complement the interior decor you have planned for these rooms, you can work with a builder or door design company to have the ideal doors created for your bedrooms. With the large choice of handsome timbers, hardware and accessories for door designs currently available, your designers can create just the right doors to meet all your requirements and desires. You will have the perfect bedroom doors to enhance your home's overall style and ambiance.

Attractive Door Designs and Patterns for Bedroom Doors

Appealing and popular door designs and patterns for your home's new bedroom doors include the following attractive styles:

  • Art Deco Doors with Brass Handles. - Art Deco doors are currently popular for bedroom doors in new and updated home interiors. These grand, chic designs with their smooth, sleek surfaces adorned with clean-cut geometric decoration and attractive brass handles finish the ideal doorway decor for your new bedroom design. Their grand, but modern elegance gives the room a sense of artistic sophistication and charm that will never grow old.
  • Sliding Barn Doors. - This frequently requested style in interior home door fashions ranges from rugged to refine in design. You can make your choice among such styles as rough-hewn timber surfaced doors with deeply grained irregular shapes, varied heights and customized widths to more sedate, smoothly gliding wood panel doors with finely stained and polished surface finishes in standard sizes.
  • French Doors with Fretwork Panels. - French doors are forever popular, and one of the most often requested styles includes beautiful timber fretwork panels to embellish the glass panes. Many of these fretwork panels are handcrafted by skilled and experienced woodworkers and artisans who skillfully accent the fine creative artistry required to create these unique door designs, adding a strong and highly appealing customized look to your bedroom decor.

By engaging the expertise of the door designers and installation team at Shandfield Doors in Bayswater, Victoria, you will receive top-tier advice, the finest creative door designs and excellent installation of your new bedroom doors. This expert door styling and production company will design hollow, semi-solid or solid doors with optimum levels of fashion to complement and enhance your innovative and attractive new bedroom decor.

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