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Discover the Most Popular Styles for Your Home's Front Door

August 9, 2021

Privacy, safety, and security must all be considered and maintained when it comes to planning and constructing home properties. That is why most contractors and homeowners would carefully choose the type of structural elements that they would integrate into the properties.

One element that must be considered heavily is the front door. A front door is intended to welcome the occupants and visitors who are living or visiting the house. It likewise deters intruders and burglars from entering the property freely, especially if the door is made from durable materials and is equipped with dependable security systems. But aside from maintaining privacy, safety, and security, the front door can also help in amplifying the appeal and value of a property.

Front doors can boast a wide array of styles and appearances. If you are currently looking for the best front door style for your home, then here are some of the choices that you have.

Classic-Style Doors

Classic-style or traditional doors often have numerous raised panels that make them stand out alongside the appealing features of the properties. They may even feature some glass inserts with coloured panes or scrollwork, which can be great for your home if you want to add a unique touch to the property. Most classic-style doors can be made from long-lasting materials like fibreglass, wood, or metal.

Craftsman-Style Doors

If your home, however, highlights a combination of stone or brick, then you may want to opt for a craftsman-style door. This type of door often maximises a beautiful-looking wood or fibreglass material paired with some lovely rectangular-shaped panels and wood-outlined panes. Its overall appearance can perfectly match your home that is filled with brick and cobbled stone pieces.

Rustic-Style Doors

Home properties that highlight wood, stone, or brick exteriors can appreciate the appeal of rustic style doors. These doors are typically created out of wood, allowing them to blend well with most home properties. This type of door can likewise feature an arched or rectangular form that is complemented with raised panels, clear glass, and scored lines, making them appealing to the eyes of many people.

Modern-Style Doors

Perhaps, one popular style of front doors today is the modern-style front door. This type of door features clean, straight, and sleek lines that can straightaway match the looks of a house with modern architecture. It can also boast some blocked or square raised panels that make them look minimalistic. The minimalistic look of the door can likewise be achieved with panes of frosted or translucent glass.

All these door types can surely boost the appearance and value of home properties. You must, however, consider the overall composition of your property so that you can pick the right style of your front door. 

Now, if you want to obtain a quality front door for your property, you can contact us at Shandfield Doors. Our experience and knowledge about door solutions for home and business needs have made us experts at what we do. We offer workmanship that defines unique taste and aesthetic appeal that is yours alone.

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