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Different Hardwood Door Materials That Are Ideal for Front Door Uses

February 14, 2019

Front doors make magnificent statements for homeowners when they are attractive and durable. Their designs should capture the attention of all who pass by or approach your house, but they also need to be built for daily use and to last for years to come. By turning to our professional company of Shandfield Doors, you will receive a front door of this calibre made from your choice of hardwoods. In case you are not knowledgeable on the types of hardwoods that are ideal for front doors here in Australia, we list some of them in the following.

Oak trees offer a highly stable and durable timber for front doors. Since oak timber has high levels of tannin, it is resistant to fungus and insect invasions. Also, there are different oak species from which to choose, such as white oak, red oak, and cork oak. White oak is preferable for front doors, though, since it will accept stains and protective coatings more easily than the other two oaks will in almost every case.

Cherry wood ranges from light to rich red. While you can use this wood for front doors, you need to understand that it’s natural colour will darken over time if it is exposed to UV rays. If your house faces the sun directly, you may opt to use this wood only on your interior doors, but if your house is in the shade, cherry is fine for your front door.

Jarrah is one of Australia’s native hardwoods, and it is a popular choice for front doors since it is versatile, strong and durable for both interior and exterior uses. Also, jarrah is rot resistant.

Blackbutt or eucalyptuspilularis is an Australian hardwood that grows naturally in various parts of this country. It also is grown on plantations in the northern region of New South Wales. Its highly durable and its colour ranges for light golden shades to pale brown ones.

Mahogany is one of the top choices for front doors. The level of hardness of this timber makes it extra durable. On top of this, it is incredibly stable and resistant to rot, whether you live in a dry or humid climate. Mahogany also absorbs stain well if you wish to recolour it according to your preferences.

Yellow cedaris another favourable hardwood for front doors since it is naturally durable, offers high workability, is attractive and is versatile in design options.

For further guidance on the different hardwood door materials that are ideal for use in front doors, consult with our company. We specialise in a wide assortment of doors, including ones for your main entrance.

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