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Different Door Styles to Add as Custom Features to Your New Home

July 14, 2020

While you have already checked the overall design and location of your new home, there are some crucial elements that you must either add or modify. One of these crucial elements is their doors. Doors help you to get in and out of your home and rooms. And since they work as the entry point to specific areas, they must provide adequate safety and security for your property. Moreover, they must also possess a design and style that can enhance the overall appearance of your new home.

If you are moving to your new home, here are some door types and their corresponding door styles that you can adopt and follow.

Front Doors

Front doors help residents and visitors get in and out of a home. They also help deter burglars from entering private properties. While they provide pathways to enter and exit the property and keep off intruders from doing crimes, front doors must also be designed appropriately to suit and match the design principles of the whole home.

Here are some door styles that are suitable for front doors:

  • Classic: Classic front doors may have numerous raised panels and glass inserts with scrollwork or coloured panes. These front doors are typically made from timber, metal, and fibreglass that can already be installed once they are purchased. Achieving a customised design out of classic doors is possible with most door manufacturers.
  • Modern: Modern front doors, on the other hand, have straight, sleek lines that help them stand out among the rest of the front doors. They may also have blocked or square raised panels or panes that are created from frosted or translucent glass. These doors have minimalist but large hardware that follows the principles of clean lines.
  • 2-in-1: The 2-in-1 doors are custom-built front doors that are comprised of a hinged opening panel, which is set behind a wide range of wrought iron or mesh panels. These doors enhance the security of the property, provide adequate insect control, and boost the needed ventilation. These doors are different from adding a mesh security door next to a front door.

Internal Doors

Internal doors are typically found in bedrooms, bathrooms, and other rooms that need to be closed momentarily. These doors must be made from durable materials to keep their service life intact. They generally enhance the appearance of living space and add privacy among home residents and visitors.

Here are some door styles that are suitable for internal doors:

  • Contemporary: Contemporary doors utilise modern style and design and incorporate them with timber material. One option for contemporary doors is white doors as they can bring minimalistic and sophisticated style to rooms without spending a lot of money. Doors out of oak are also great for contemporary style since they are light, strong, and durable.
  • Leadlight: Homes during Victorian and Regency eras used to embrace leadlight doors as their primary doors. Fortunately, these doors are still used by many homes today. These doors are meant to add richness and beauty to the appearance of a home. They enhance security, provide weather and soundproofing, and insulate the heat effectively.

These door styles can help your new home attain the needed appearance, security, and privacy that your family needs. To help you choose the best door styles among all these options, feel free to contact us at Shandfield Doors.

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