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Deciding on the Right Front Door Colours: Know the Do's and Don'ts

November 22, 2019

Deciding the colour of a front door is often not prioritised by most homeowners. However, that should not be the case since your front doors holds more significance than you actually think. They serve as the main entryway of guest, thus, it becomes the first thing they see when they enter your home. That is why you must know the dos and don’ts in deciding on the right front door colours.

Do:  Opt for Classic Styles

You should stick with neutral colours like brown, black, grey, deep reds or navy blues for a more adaptable colour scheme. This is to ensure that the colour of your front door will be adaptable since everyone is inclined to change their styles. Should that happen, at least the colour of your front door will certainly adapt to whatever style you try on next. Also try to create a stained front door so that the natural material of the door will be the focus instead of the paint.

Don’t Stay Away from Colours

Sticking to more neutral hues does not mean that you should totally forget about bright colours. If you are being bold enough and you really like that splash of orange, yellow, or lime green then do so. Or if you don’t like bold colours, you can always try their darker versions like burgundy, forest green, or eggplant. It is your front door after all. It’s your call.

Do: Select the Right Paint

You should choose the kind of paint that is heavy-duty for your front door. Since it will serve as your protection from external elements, make sure that the paint used will not be susceptible to peeling and fading. One type that would do the job is latex exterior paint. It has a guaranteed weather resistant coverage that will most likely protect your front door’s paint against extreme weather conditions. However, if you have a metal door, install a built-in rust protection.

Don’t Choose a Paint Colour while Indoors

It is impossible to see how paint would look like outdoors if you pick the colour while you are inside. It is important to see how it would blend in with its surroundings once you placed it where you plan on doing so. Since daylight is a whole lot different from indoor light, your judgment of whether it would look good or not will be definitely tampered. In order to properly assess and decide the right colour for your front door you can place swatches on an exterior door and look at the colour in broad daylight. If you are still undecided after that, then you can paint a small swatch directly at the door.

We at Shandfield Doors believe that a front door makes a significant statement about your home. So it should not only be eye-catching, but also be practical and long lasting. That is why we work hand-in-hand with customers to produce the ultimate look for each individual home.

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