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Choosing a New Front Door: Some Important Points to Keep in Mind

February 28, 2020

Your front door will be the first thing visitors will see and it is likely to leave a lasting impression. In cases where homeowners need to install a new front door, they now opt for a modern replacement that is more energy efficient, secure and durable with low-maintenance capacities. Below are some important points to keep in mind when choosing a new front door.


A good quality front door is an investment and you usually get what you pay for. Over the many years of your ownership, there will be a significant return on the initial cost. A front door which is initially cheap will need to make savings using lower quality materials, manufacture or installation which may affect structure, insulation, and security.

A well-designed front door installation will provide an effective barrier to the extremes of cold and heat, draughts and leaks, and will reduce your power bills. There may also be modest savings in terms of the need for less artificial lighting, better cooling, and maintenance. It is worth discussing your options and design with an expert door installer who will know about all the available styles, materials, security, and installation issues and be able to feedback on the overall look for your property. After all, a smart front door and well-designed entrance can enhance the curb side appeal of your home.

Guarantee Provisions

Look out for robust, ten-year guarantee provisions. It is important to review the supplier or installer and check if they have a proven track record and comprehensive customer service reputation. Checking before you buy helps avoid problems in the first place and unwanted surprise costs in the future. It is also worth checking if the door guarantee is transferable to anyone who buys your house.

Fixtures and Fittings

A good door supplier will give you a choice of fixtures and fittings with the choice again being to either complement or make a contrast. Ask your installer for help on the best options – there are thousands available. You might choose to remove some of the usual fixtures and fittings from the door itself. You can site a doorbell off the door frame to have a cleaner look. You can decide that the letterbox does not have to be part of the door, for example. Also, you can decide whether you want a larger door handle on a plain door and individually select the details such as door hinges, draught strips, locks etc. With the wide range of door furniture available today, you don’t need to compromise on design, there is something for every situation.


There have been huge advances in door security in recent years and it is almost certain that a good quality new front door will improve your home and your family’s sense of well being. As a minimum, you should expect doors meeting or exceeding standard regulations. Any good door supplier or installer should be pleased to be asked about the specifications of the locks they use, and how security is built into their design.

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