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Choose Leadlight Doors to Add Natural Lighting to Your Home

April 17, 2018

Most people want their home to have that open, airy feeling with natural sunlight freely able to enter and brighten rooms and spaces. However, with many homes built today, more planning is done on the layout than in the positioning of windows to allow natural lighting to enter.

In fact, because of this, when windows do not face the rising or setting of the sun, or they are at an angle during the day that does not let light inside, a house can become dark and dingy.

Let Natural Lighting into Your Home with Leadlight Doors

If you want to brighten up the inside of your home, and at the same time add some beautiful, colourful aesthetic qualities, then leadlight doors are a perfect choice. Typically used as front doors, they are designed to be eye-catching and allow light to shine through into the hallway of a home, which can produce an amazing colour scheme depending on the choice of coloured glass used.

Leadlight doors are made by using strips of lead, known as ‘lead came’. Patterns of these lead strips are laid out to hold glass consisting of various textures, colours, and thicknesses that are specially cut, and then carefully placed in the framework of the door. Lead came is then pressed down to secure the glass, and then key points are soldered to lock the glass in place.

The benefits of leadlight doors are many, as they not only allow more natural light into a home, which allows better vision and can improve the mood of people, but they also have physical properties that make them an ideal choice for new build and existing homes:

Weatherproof – custom made leadlight doors are made to handle all types of weather, just like any quality front door.

Security – using choice hardwood, leadlight doors are solid, although tempered glass is used, it does provide more privacy than standard windows, but these can be accompanied with a screen door or security door.

Added appeal – if you want to add a special appeal to your dwelling, a sense of elegance, with ‘classical period’ touch, then choose beautifully decorated leadlight doors to enhance the look of your home.

At Shandfield Doors, we have extensive experience in designing, creating, and reproducing fabulous leadlight doors for internal and external use. If you want to enhance the appearance of your home, with a more contemporary, modern, or classical look, we can definitely help create the leadlight doors you are looking for.

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