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Can Various Weather Conditions Affect Your Front Entry Door?

June 15, 2020

The materials used for the external components and parts of a home or building are usually more durable than the ones used for your interiors. But as time passes by, property owners now take greater efforts to use high-quality materials throughout their property. The reason behind this newfound focus on durable materials is simple: elements that can significantly damage parts and structures are found both inside and outside the property. 

One component that is exposed to various elements and substances in your property is your front entry door. As this specific door receives a constant supply of heat from the sun, moisture from the rain, and coldness from your room, you can expect it to deteriorate faster than other parts and structures in your property. Your front entry door may obtain these issues if it does not have all the necessary qualities and maintenance that would make it durable against various weather and temperature conditions.

Here are some parts of your front entry door that can be affected by various weather conditions.

Door's Paintwork

The very first thing that will be exposed to different elements and weather conditions is your front entry door’s paintwork. Front entry doors are coated with different types and finishes of paint. This specific coating helps in prolonging the life cycle of the door. However, continuous exposure to heat, moisture, and other weather elements can change and diminish the original colour of your paintwork. Additionally, constant temperature changes can cause cracks and chips in your door’s paintwork. Signs of bowing, twisting, or warping of the door can be visible due to these elements.

Quality of the Timber

Aside from your front entry door’s paintwork, various weather conditions like the sun’s UV rays and moisture from the rain can easily damage your door’s timber. If you spot some cracks on the door, then it means that it has been damaged by the sunlight. Conversely, the presence of moulds and rotting issues signifies that a huge amount of moisture has already penetrated the surface of your door. Even if you use high-quality timber for your front entry door, it is still susceptible to different types of damages that are brought by various weather conditions.

Timber Door Frame

At first, any occurrences of extraction and contraction in your timber door frame may not be visible with the naked eye. However, as the temperature rises, you may feel that your locks are beginning to stick. Expect your door frame to possess this kind of issue since it swells a few millimetres whenever the surrounding temperature warms up. Alternatively, your door frame will most likely contract whenever the temperature drops, which contributes to its poor fitting with your door. By the time your door frame contracts, you might experience some difficulties in locking or unlocking your door.

All the mentioned issues and problems that are caused by various weather conditions can be mostly prevented and solved by maintaining your front entry door and its frame regularly. If you want to know other things about front entry doors, then feel free to contact us at Shandfield Doors.

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