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Can Recycled Timber Be Used to Make Doors?

January 31, 2019

Numerous materials are available for doors today. Timber, though, is probably still the most popular of all of these materials for its flexibility and attractiveness. With recycling being all the rage today, you may be wondering if reclaimed or recycled timber can be used to make doors to conserve our natural forests. The short answer is yes. However, the long answer is that this timber must fit the following criteria to be usable in new doors.

Recycled Timber Needs to Be in Good Condition

To use the recycled timber in any type of door, it must be in good condition with no signs of rotting. Deterioration will weaken the structural integrity of the timber. It may be better suited for mulch or other recycling products than for doors when it is in this poor condition.

The Reclaimed Timber Should Be Free of Insects

Another must for using reclaimed timber in doors is that it is free of termites, beetles or other insects. While you may be able to fumigate the timber to kill the insects, they may have left their markings on the timber in the way of tunnels. Door makers may be able to use some of the timber if they can cut around these markings.

Be Certain That the Recycled Timber Is Suitable for the Location of the Door

Since certain types of timber are better for outdoor use, such as the front doors, than other ones are, the location of the door in the house may be a contributing factor as to whether reclaimed timber can be used to make the door. Doors that face the outdoors need to be more weather resistant than those on the interior areas of the house do, and special finishes are not enough for this.

Door Design May Also Influence Whether or Not You Can Use Recycled Timber

At times, the design of the door may be an influence on if you can include recycled timber in its construction. While some designs contain a variety of sections, other ones may need large solid pieces of timber.

Examples of Doors with Recycled Timber

• Sliding pantry doors
• Front doors
• French doors for patios
• Closet doors
• Bedroom and bathroom doors
• Leadlight doors
• Two-in-one doors

To learn more information about if recycled timber can be used to make doors, consult with Shandfield Doors. We skillfully craft a wide variety of doors and can guide you on all necessary decisions concerning them to ensure that your doors are highly functional and attractive for your purposes. Also, we offer professional installation upon request.

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