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Boosting Your Home's Overall Value with Leadlight Doors

June 8, 2021

The overall value of your home can be boosted in a lot of ways. For one, it can attain so much value if the kitchen and bathroom spaces will be renovated with updated designs. Additionally, the presence of beautiful landscaping can be great not just for the monetary value but also for the home’s curb appeal.

But apart from these huge renovation works and landscaping projects, your home’s overall value can still be boosted with just small features. One of these features is your door. Doors have been integral to the value of a home given that they can ensure the safety and security of families. They likewise provide privacy over certain rooms of the property. With proper design and style, they can also enhance the appearance of the home and blend well with their current theme and aesthetic.

To date, doors can boast different designs and styles. One great design and style of a door that you can maximise is the leadlight door. Here are some features of leadlight doors that can boost your home value.

Beautiful Appeal

One feature of leadlight doors that can boost the value of your home is that they have a beautiful appearance. They can feature designs of Victorian and Regency eras that are still prominent in classic period homes. With these doors, your home’s entry can boast a rich ambience that other door types cannot provide. They can likewise be used as internal doors, which can boost the design of bedrooms and other core spaces of your home. 

Unique Lighting

Most door styles do not have any glass areas that allow natural light to enter. Leadlight doors, alternatively, allow properties to receive great natural lighting. Leadlight doors have coloured glass that has lead to form beautiful custom window designs. Different patterns, colours, and details can be incorporated into leadlight doors, which allow these doors to cast unique light patterns into the property. These doors are not only attractive to look at, but they can also add appeal to the home interiors.


The leadlight doors can withstand almost all types of weather elements, even with the presence of stained glass windows. And with proper care and maintenance, they can expect to bring value to your home as you do not have to replace them in a very short time. You must, however, be considerate with your leadlight features as the lead inside may sag over time. Once you have spotted some cracks and damages, then you must call your supplier right away for ample repairs.

To know more about leadlight doors, feel free to call us at Shandfield Doors. We are based in Bayswater North and has been designing, building, and installing doors for more than 25 years. This family-built business offers a professional and personal service, where outstanding quality is coupled with excellent value. Our services include all your door needs, quotes and professional advice, custom made doors, leadlight, quality hardware, and expert installation in all suburbs.

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