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Best Patio Door Ideas for Your Melbourne Home

April 28, 2022

The outdoor living area is an essential part of the home nowadays. These areas offer a way of extending your living space without having to remodel or create an addition to your home.

So what is stopping you from organizing and designing a great outdoor area? Nothing should, these exterior living spaces are not that expensive to create, and they increase the value of your home and give you an area where you can enjoy spending time with your friends and family.

There is just one significant aspect you need to be careful with. You need to have a seamless flow between your interior and exterior areas, so choosing the door leading to this exterior area is vital to enhance this smooth transition.

Single-Hinged Doors

It is a basic door and usually the type of door used in most homes. One side is hinged to the frame and the other to the door, allowing the door to swing inwards or outwards, depending on how you install it.

The Advantages of the Single-Hinged Door

  • Not all homes have room for folding doors.
  • The single-hinged door comes in many shapes, sizes, and colours.
  • You can add a screen to keep flies and mosquitos out.

French doors

French doors are two single-hinged doors that open out. This double door style gives the room and outdoor area a more spacious feel and gives the people in the room a wider view of the exterior area. French doors also allow more natural light to filter into the home.

If you want to use French doors, but the doorway seems larger than both doors combined, you can fill the sides with side glass panels.

The Advantages of French Doors

  • Both traditional and modern French door designs offer a seamless transition to exterior living areas.
  • These designs maximize the space of both your indoor and outdoor space.

Bi-fold doors

These doors have two hinged door panels and push out or fold back onto themselves. When fully open, these doors do not block your view or access to the home. They also complement modern designs.

The Advantages of the Bi-fold Door

  • These doors make the interior space seem more significant.
  • The doors connect indoor and outdoor living areas
  • They open inward or outward.
  • You can partially or fully open the doors.

Pivot doors

These doors have hinges at the top and bottom of the door, so the door seems to rotate as you open or close it. The hinges can be placed on the edges or even in the centre of the door.

Advantages of Using Pivot Doors

  • You can turn pivot doors at an angle, allowing more light and breeze in, or change the angle to block the light and wind.
  • These doors add a modern touch to your room and have more visual appeal than the single-hinged, bi-fold or French door.

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