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Beautiful Lead Light Front Doors Add to the Exterior Curb Appeal of Your Home

Arpil 14, 2020

Lead light front doors provide a beautiful interplay of light and colour, and are typically used as exterior doors in homes. They catch the eye upon entry and can radiate an amazing and changing colour scheme through the hallway, depending on the angle of the light. Lead light door insets may also sometimes be used in interior doors to common rooms such as the lounge room in older houses. Below are ways on how beautiful lead light front doors add to the exterior curb appeal of your home.

Lead Light Front Door Basics

Strips of lead, called lead came, are laid out according to the pattern for the design. Glass of various colours, thicknesses and textures is then cut to fit each piece in the frame and delicately placed in the framework. The lead came then gets pressed down to clamp the glass and soldered at key points to retain its stability. Putty mixed with a little linseed oil is pushed into all the joints afterwards and allowed to set for a day or two before being brushed with a dusting of plaster and black oxide. This is what gives the lead its aged appearance.

Lead Light Front Doors Have Intricate Designs and Details

While you have a wide assortment of door styles to select from today, none are as attractive as the leadlight doors are in your home. Not only do they allow sunlight to flow into the house in a non-harsh manner, they also add special intricate designs and details to your existing home d├ęcor along with other features. We further explain why these doors are uniquely beautiful and their other favourable characteristics in the following facts to further illustrate our opinion of them.

Lead Light Front Doors Add Luxurious Ambiance

With its intricate, artistic details, this style of door adds a luxurious ambiance to your entryways. Typically, homeowners select this type of door for their front door, but you also can install one at your back entrance if you so choose to at your house.

Lead Light Doors Come in a Wide Assortment of Designs

Another benefit of choosing a leadlight door for your home is the fact that there is a wide variety of designs available today. You can select from geometric, floral, animal and other types of themes. Also, stained-glass, frosted-glass or clear-glass models are possible. In fact, you can combine two or more types of glass in one leadlight design.

Lead Light Doors Improve Home Value

As a homeowner, you may be in search of a way to add curb appeal to your home when you are in the process of trying to sell it. A leadlight door at the entrance helps you accomplish this goal. In addition, you may be able to up the value of your home by installing this feature.

For further facts about how leadlight doors add to the exterior curb appeal for your house, consult with our company of Shandfield Doors. We professionally design, construct and install your choice of doors in a quality fashion.

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